Learning new things

I felt about 100 years old within 10 minutes of starting my contracting job yesterday. Learning new things is very exhausting.

The job is acting digital editor for two magazines and all the systems are completely different to anything I’ve ever used before. It was a bit of a dizzy whirl.

But everyone was sooooooooo nice, from the designers and sub-editors all the way up to the CEO, who popped down from the floor above to welcome me. I was even asked to attend an advertising meeting, where I made a few points and suggestions that were well received.

It’s been a long time between advertising meetings and working in a collaborative environment. I was a bit punch drunk from the novelty of it.

I was also invited to sit with a few of the staffers in the lunch room to eat my Japanese salad … which I will not be buying again, as it was just three little bits of salmon and some lettuce leaves for $10. Would a few green tea noodles be too much to ask?

Not substantial enough, though I do need to rein in the calories. I’ve packed myself something a bit more filling for my lunch today, as I’m being taught to create the weekly newsletter at noon, so there won’t be time to duck out. Also, I need to watch my pennies.

Before the newsletter training I have a meeting with the head of digital and the editor of one of the magazines. Go, go, go!

Meanwhile, the youngest will be holding the fort at home. I’d booked Charlie the Moodle in for a haircut at the groomer at 9.30am today, prior to getting my surprise job. So she will drop him off and pick him up and also put the slow cooked beef on at 2.30pm for dinner. Bless her. Things will be a little hairier once she’s back at school again.

OK, gotta go. There are dogs to walk and work prep to do. Have a good day and I’ll catch you tomorrow.

Song of the day: John Lennon “Watching the wheels”

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