Awwww, heck no!

My hopes for getting a functioning laundry/shower room were dashed yesterday on multiple fronts.

1. The plumber needs a big hole jackhammered into my side path to get the new drainage in.
2. The shower outlet is very low, as it was positioned before we decided to raise the ceiling. So the shower head I chose is at nose level. Not ideal and I need to get a new one with a goose neck.
3. The washing machine can’t be installed until the new bathroom cupboard is built.
4. The new sink can’t be installed until the benchtop arrives.

Those were just the renovation problems I knew about before I went to work. When I got home, I discovered the plumber had installed the toilet and sink like THIS …

What the actual FAAAAAAARK?

In case you’re not entirely clear on what I’m upset about, a hole has been cut in the side of the vanity and a big, ugly plastic pipe now runs across my bathroom wall. Oh, and the vanity is less than 20cm from the toilet, so it’s a bit of a squeeze to sit down.

The builder was so horrified when I sent him the pics that he turned up on my doorstep at 6.30pm to stare at the devastation in person. He said the floor tiles may have to be jackhammered up to run the pipe underneath them.

I was too scared to ask how long that will take. And there’s no clear time frame on the bathroom cabinet being assembled, so I will be schlepping my dirty washing to family and friends for the foreseeable future.


And then there’s my decorating uncertainty – I seem to have misplaced my decisiveness in my middle age.

You are going to roll your eyes when I tell you this next bit … I’ve realised that the massive, heavy sideboard I got the tiler and chippie to shift from the living room to the spare room actually goes quite well with my new Limestone Coast/green velvet sofa theme.

So I need to find some strapping lads to move it back again.

I know, I know.

But it’s really a very nice antique sideboard, so it deserves to be on display and not hidden in the junk room.

The builder also made the mistake of saying that it was a pity to spoil the look of the new floor-to-ceiling tiles in the shower room by hanging the dryer on the wall.

His comment marinated in my brain last night and led to me having an awesome idea for building a cupboard that’s accessed from the back deck for the dryer. It just requires some walls and electricity … Not quite sure how to break it to the builder …

I was so wired by all the hassles that I didn’t sleep well last night. Today will be a weary day.

I will be very glad when this endless bloody renovation is over. And so will the builder.

Song of the day: Annie Lennox “Why”

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