Preventing unwanted shadows

OK, you’re up to speed on my week off … now what?

Oh, that’s right, I promised you renovation pics.

There’s still not much to see. As aforementioned, work on the new laundry/shower room is going VERY slowly, but the tiling is almost done. Just one day to go, fingers crossed, as the tiler is going on a fishing trip to Wooli next week.

I have no idea how he affords going away if he’s paid by the job rather than the hour. And I’m presuming that’s how it works, otherwise the builder would be going nuts by now. Not that I’m an expert – maybe this is how long it takes to tile small rooms.

Then I just need the plumber to connect the washing machine because it’s been a loooooooooong time since I’ve been able to do a load at my place. That’s a lot of smelly rat bedding that can’t be put through other people’s rinse cycles ….

Serendipitously, the slow tiling meant I could add a feature to the bathroom that I’d admired on my travels: an electric mirror. Well, I’m not sure that’s what you call it, but it requires electricity. It has a light that goes all the way around it, which I would have thought was tacky until I admired myself in one at the Holiday Inn in Newcastle West.

This is the airport Holiday Inn, but the mirror is the same in Newie:

I dunno what brand they used, but I got a Philips Hue, as I needed one small enough to shoehorn in the 60cm space between my shower screen and washing machine.

The mirror allows you to “enjoy a beautiful light effect that prevents unwanted shadows” … and somehow it makes you look younger! At least I hope it was the fancy mirror that did it and not the Champagne goggles I was metaphorically wearing.

I loved looking into it, so despite the not-cheap price tag, I figured it was worth it to uplift my ageing reflection.

When the electrician came over last Saturday I got to add the required wiring before the rest of the tiles went in, then I ordered the mirror from Dick Smith, which was the cheapest place I could find with the mirror in stock (delivery was free too!).

Speaking of nabbing … I got the chippie and the tiler to heft Great Great Aunty Mag’s sideboard out of the living room into the spare room for me yesterday arvo. It weighs an absolute ton. I was sad that it was leaving the living room, but I miscalculated how much wall space would be left after cutting a doorway from the kitchen to the new laundry and there’s no room left for it.

I’ve been angsting for days over how I was going to move the bloody thing from the middle of the living room. I managed to get it onto a rug and was hoping to push it into the spare room, but it wouldn’t budge and my chicken injury started to hurt, so I had to find alternative options.

When I sent DD the pic of the old girl finally in the spare room he replied: “Never complain again about me being focussed.”

There are no guarantees in this life, my friend.

My final excitement for yesterday … well, aside from sipping a mini bottle of prosecco with my sister and having pizza for dessert while watching The Bachelor and picking up yet another load of washing (but no spa – waaaaaah – because her gas is on the blink) … was that I posted The Thirsty Travellers story about Forster on Facebook and Waterline Boathouse liked it and shared it. Woo hoo!

It’s the little wins … hope you’ve had some too.

Song of the day: Mike Oldfield “Moonlight shadow”

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