Bringing you up to speed: part two

After two beautiful days in Forster, we explored South West Rocks on route to Bellingen to drive the Waterfall Way.

Here’s a happy snap from South West Rocks, we thought it was awesome:

And here’s the link to all the fun details on The Thirsty Travellers.

Here’s a happy snap from Waterfall Way, which was also fab:

And here’s the link to the all the fun detail on The Thirsty Travellers.

Our last night was spent eating what’s reputed to be the best steak in NSW at Willow Tree Inn, just outside Scone.

The steak was delicious and so is this pic I took of DD during our meal:

I’ve decided it’s my new favourite. Oh how I love looking at that face!

Read more about our night by clicking here.

The next morning we reluctantly headed back to Sydney, taking lots of detours along the way. The first was to visit Gresford, which is where DD’s mum’s family are from and he lived from age two to five.

We went to the church to visit his grandmother’s grave and rattled across a little bridge to the first house he lived in just across the river, then we popped into his relative’s house in Largs to pick up something for his mum, then had sausages and mash in a pub in Morpeth. I hadn’t realised bacon with your sausages was a thing in country pubs until that moment.

After lunch we drove to Norah Head Lighthouse and wandered around the rock shelf taking photos and soaking up the sunshine. Then we stopped at The Entrance to have an ice cream while gazing at the pelicans before finally wending our way home.

We crammed so much into a short space of time, but it didn’t feel rushed. It was blissful and I can’t wait for our next getaway … which we booked the moment we got back. Stay tuned!

Back in the real world, my mini renovation continues at a glacial pace. The tiler returned for the 500th time yesterday, cheerily singing “Up There Cazaly” as he worked in the laundry.

I am soooo sick of the mess and lack of washing machine. Take me back to Forster, stat!

Song of the day: INXS “Burn for you”

One thought on “Bringing you up to speed: part two

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  1. Happy days!
    Lovely to recognise all those locations where I grew up!
    Thoroughly enjoyed your mini holiday write-up and, yes, bacon is a thing with any meal these days, don’t you know!

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