It is done

I’ve solved my house renovation puzzle.

The plan is DONE.

It only involves expanding an existing toilet into a hallway to become an ensuite and getting some new windows to replace the current crappy aluminium ones … oh and some plantation shutters from my brother-in-law’s Choices store at St Leonards.

No walls to remove, no council approval required, no reversal of previous work.

I am very excited.

I’m heading to a local window showroom next weekend, then I’ll pop over to Bunnings to suss out my ensuite stuff.

DD may need to build me some outdoor stairs and a big deck …

I feel like I’m regressing to my teen years whenever I talk about decks because all I can think about is this fake New Zealand advertisement:


I drew up my ultimate plan as I was making Sunday night dinner for the kids.

I don’t normally have the kids on Sunday night, but my ex is heading to Perth today for work and it just seemed easier for the kids to stay with me.

DD left for the United States yesterday afternoon for work. He’s there for a week.

Sad face.

Then he flies off again domestically the following Thursday.

Sad face.

So many lost weekends. We really need some quality time.

There wasn’t much of it during the Hawaiian 50th we attended on Saturday night (tropical DD and friends pictured main). But it was noisy and fun, with endless Domain Chandon and fabulous finger food including all of DD’s favourites – party pies, sausage rolls, slider burgers.

When I dropped DD to the airport yesterday morning, he tasked me with researching a cheap weekend away. Qantas has a Frequent Flyer sale that’s offering certain destinations for 30% less points than usual.

So in between Googling renovation ideas I gave the Qantas website a thorough work out.

I’ve emailed him a few excellent options.

Stay tuned …

I’m hoping everyone finally has their power restored.

I’ve been restocking my fridge and revelling in the portable air-conditioning unit I bought a few weeks ago. It was meant for my bedroom, but it’s so loud it sounds like a plane is taking off, so I’ve moved it to the lounge room for special occasions like movie watching with the kids.

Last night’s request: a repeat viewing of Kingsman.

Jolly good! Except we were too knackered and went for a quickie episode of Battlestar Galactica instead.

Still cool.

In other news, DD reckons the youngest has a tonsil stone, which is, apparently, a thing. You can try and dislodge them by gargling salt water, but the youngest refuses to do it. Stalemate.

And the eldest is contemplating not getting an ATAR. My long talks about why its important to give yourself plenty of options aren’t making the slightest impact. Stalemate.


PS Head over to The Thirsty Travellers to read about the organic wine masterclass DD and I enjoyed last week.

Song of the day: KC & The Sunshine Band “Give it up”










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  1. Hahaha…had some Kiwi mates living in Taupo many years ago who renovated their house. We decided to visit and he got very excited about showing off his deck….he said it was HUGE! Took us a moment to work out what he was talking about! We still laugh about Terry’s huge deck!

      1. Did I tell you there is a line in the Tasman Sea where “fish and chips” becomes “fush and chups”?!😂😂

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