This too shall pass

I got a bit blue yesterday. I haven’t been blue for ages, which has been lovely.

But my stomach was so knotty with anxiety and sadness yesterday that I felt nauseous.

Eating the last slice of white chocolate mud cake the youngest baked didn’t help. It just enhanced the queasiness.

I don’t feel like picking apart the misery just yet, so I’m going to chatter about the latest co-incidence in my life instead …

My life is completely chockers with odd coincidences.

Like the time I wandered into DD’s local bottlo and the French bloke behind the counter said hello in a way that indicated we knew each other.

I stared at him blankly for a moment before realising it was a school dad. Not just any school dad, but the father of one of the eldest’s best friends.

So we were both a loooooooong way from home.

It reminded of this hilarious episode of Avalon Now, which is set in said bottle shop and features a Frenchman played by Richard Roxburgh …

The next day, the school dad’s wife informed me that the character from Avalon Now was actually based on her hubby!

And then there was the time my phone rang in an airport departure lounge and a friend announced: “Did you just walk past me at Gate 55?”

We were both on the same flight to Brisbane! Totally randomly.

A few months prior, I had a freaky airport encounter with my ex. I was coming back from Brissie, he was heading to Tassie. He thought I was stalking him, but it was pure, crazy chance.

Then there was the time I  ran up the back of a school dads’ car on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Awkward!

And the moment I mentioned to a friend that I was heading to Los Angeles on the weekend for work and they said “me too!” (We ended up drinking champagne together in his ritzy Beverley Hills hotel, bulk fun.)

I also think it’s a bit whoa that two women I worked with at Cosmopolitan magazine 15 years ago ended up having kids at the same public school as mine. What are the odds of that outside the Eastern Suburbs?

Oh, plus the mum from the youngest’s kindy class who turned out to be the sister of a friend I worked with 20 years ago at Studio Magazine. Plus, I used to hang with their brother – again, totally randomly – at sweaty parties in my twenties.

I also happened to buy a house directly behind another Studio magazine mate, what are the odds? That came in very handy when I needed a shoulder to sob on the day my husband left me.

Anyways, back to 2019. I walked into a meeting at work yesterday morning and the woman said: “Alana House! Didn’t you work at Cosmopolitan magazine years ago?”

Why, yes, yes I did!

Turns out she was the publicist for one of the film companies when I was Cosmo’s movie reviewer and celebrity interviewer. And she still remembered me from all those years ago!

She has a fairly unusual name – erm, like me, I’ve belstedly realised – and as soon as she said it I could see in my mind, clear as crystal, typed at the bottom of a media invite.

Ah, those were the days. I remember going to a preview of Four Weddings And A Funeral before all the hype and laughing until I cried … oh and proper crying too at the funeral bit …

Usually all the best lines are in the trailers, so you’ve already laughed at them before you sit down in the cinema.

That reminds me, I could do with a laugh … and a swim.

I’m hoping to have a few of both over the weekend.

It’s going to be a hectic one. And hot as Hades.

Stay cool and I’ll fill you in on my escapades on Monday, maybe Tuesday, I’ll see how I go.

Oh, and don’t worry about me, I’m feeling a lot better this morning.

Song of the day: Crowded House “Mean to me”


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