A dream is coming true

Along with the rest of the world, I was pretty shocked when Neil Finn joined Fleetwood Mac last year.

I’ve been hooked on Neil since he warbled I Got You on Countdown in the early 80s, while Fleetwood Mac has been a slow burn since I fell in love with the rousing Tusk and later embraced Landslide as a post-separation anthem.

But I wasn’t sure I wanted the twain to meet.

Then I watched the band perform on The Ellen Show. I didn’t know what to think during the first number, but when I heard Neil sing “The Chain” I got giddy all over. It was dizzily physical and glorious.

The clincher came when my mate Nathan watched them live in concert in the US and said they were awesome. Suddenly I had a burning desire to book a holiday to America to see them perform. But a glance at my bank balance confirmed that wasn’t going to be happening.

I’ve always regretted not seeing Fleetwood Mac live. The closest I came was at my mate Darren’s 50th. He celebrated the milestone with a fabulous dinner at the Brokenwood winery on the night Fleetwood Mac performed in the Hunter Valley. It was so surreal to stand on the verandah between courses hearing ‘Gypsy’ float over the vines.

But I figured I’d missed my chance to see them. After all, the original members are in their 70s, what hope did I have that they’d tour Australia again?

Last week, I heard the fateful news on the radio that Fleetwood Mac had decided to bring the band Down Under.

I HAD to go. And then Optus announced it was doing a pre-sale for its customers. Awesome!

I got my special code and positioned myself in front of the computer screen at 9.50am on Tuesday morning so I could grab a couple of seats when sales opened at 10am.

But my CODE WOULDN’T WORK! Arrrrrrgggggh!!!

I went into a complete panic, frantically trying it over and over without success as the minutes ticked by and the best seats were presumably selling out.

I rang Optus Perks only be be given the recorded message that no operators were available to assist me at that time and I should call back later.

Fark! What a frigging debarcle! Not a good look for Optus AT ALL.

Then I happened to check Twitter and noticed that loads and loads of other really annoyed people were complaining about the same thing, so I posted my own whining tweet … and Ticketek replied to it, asking me to DM them with my details.

Finally, about an hour after the presale opened, I got onto the website, only to discover the tickets were VERY expensive.

I ended up going for the B area seats at around $250 a pop. Ouch, but I figure its cheaper than an airfare to the US … and safer with the Trump-inspired mess that’s imploding over there.

They’re not the best seats in the world, but they’re not the worst. It will still be wonderful.

It took my pounding heart a few hours to return to normal after that freaked out digital drama.

But, to cut a long story short, I’M SEEING FLEETWOOD MAC IN AUGUST. Yaaaaaaaaaay!

Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Can’t wait!

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Songs of the day: Fleetwood Mac “Seven wonders”

Crowded House “Seven worlds”

2 thoughts on “A dream is coming true

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  1. The Church when their electrics failed so they had to do the whole show as acoustic. And the Proclaimers when they came out here about 9 years ago. They were supports for the B52s (who were crap), but they were the headline act as far as I was concerned.

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