Bring it on

It’s been a funny festive season for me … in both the ha-ha and strange senses of the word.

The kiddos got back yesterday from a 10-day family holiday on the South Coast. I really missed them, the house was sooooooo quiet.

I got a touching message from the eldest a few days ago – the first time I’d heard from either of them. It said:

“Mum there’s this really cool shirt that I can’t find anywhere else and it’s by this artist I really like.”

A link to the website was attached.

I replied: “And you miss me terribly.”

The eldest shot back with: “Yes, that goes without saying.”

I’m a sucker, so I bought the shirt. The dodgy website charged me for it on PayPal and THEN a message popped up asking what shipping option I wanted … with the only one available costing more than the original item. And I got pinged on PayPal a second time. Rude!

I thought about kicking up an almighty stink, but I was too hot and lethargic in my unairconditioned house, so I just sighed and paid for the most expensive T-shirt in Christendom.

Meanwhile the youngest had such an awesome time hanging with her cousins every day that I didn’t hear a peep from her.

I left them in peace – I figured I’d let them get on with having fun without mournful “What are you doing?” and “I miss you” texts from their mum.

I’ve kept myself busy while they’ve been gone – lots of beach swims and barbies.

DD and I braved Manly on New Year’s Eve to pick up his daughter from work at 8.30pm, just in time for the 9pm fireworks.

I feared it would be an absolute drunken bun fight and initially said I would leave him to it. But DD was a bit mournful about waiting on his lonesome, so I relented. I figured he’s such a calm, easy-going bloke that he’d ensure the evening wasn’t too stressful.

And I was right. We had a lovely time eating pork belly bao at a Vietnamese restaurant as a sudden storm pelted down. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise – we got an awesome front-row spot on the wharf because all the families had packed up their Eskies and gone home.

But there was nothing DD could do about the soggy, screeching, totally plastered teenagers staggering everywhere. I was HORRIFIED.

There’s no way I’d want to be under 20 again. About the youngest I could handle – if offered a rewind – is 30. I think you’ve shed most of the really stupid stuff by then.

As for the rest of the break … DD dog proofed his deck so the fur babies could make a few visits. They’re usually left on their lonesomes when I head up north.

They were delighted to be invited to a lazy lunch with a mob of humans on New Year’s Day – all those pats and cuddles and surreptitious bits of ham under the table …

The ocean has been absolutely glorious and DD has been having great fun experimenting with my underwater camera … though I’m not convinced a chubby 50-year-old in a navy Target cossie featuring reinforced panels designed to flatten spare tyres really makes the best model.

He hasn’t had a chance to show me his handiwork yet, but if there’s anything that doesn’t make me recoil in horror I’ll share it soonish.

I spent my last kid-free morning sipping coffee overlooking the ocean then taking a last dip.


And so this is 2019 … I confess I’m facing it with a little trepidation. It promises to be filled with delights and challenges in equal measure. It’s kinda scary knowing in advance you’re in for a roughish ride … with some joyful moments in between.

But there are good, kind people surrounding me and I know they’ll help me through the tough stuff and also be there to celebrate my wins.

Here’s hoping you have a great support network around you in 2019 too!

Song of the day: Hot Chocolate “Everyone’s a winner”

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