The great escape

Woo-hoo! I’ve been given a six-week reprieve from jury duty!

I schlepped into the city yesterday, made my way through security, wanly smiled at the nice man at the jury duty counter, told him I’ve been sick for a month and can’t make an appointment to see an ear, nose and throat specialist because of the 10 weeks of jury duty hanging over my head, and handed him my medical certificate.

I had a lovely chat with him and the jury duty officer beside him about the best ways to boost your immune system – she was a big fan of vitamin C powder from Chemist Warehouse – and I was outta there.

The journalist in me was slightly disappointed when I emerged into daylight and the steps of Downing Centre were swarming with television cameras and photographers. Did I miss serving on a celebrity case?

As I walked to the train station, I was reminded of the time my former work colleague was stopped at the traffic lights opposite the Downing Centre and an escaped criminal dashed down the front steps, opened her passenger door, flung himself inside and demanded she become his getaway driver.


I forget what happened after that … I wonder how her PTSD is going?

True story.

As for my health, I’m still feeling knackered,  but I’m a bit peppier now that jury duty isn’t hanging over my head.

Also, DD is back in the country very soon, which always puts a smile on my face.

Though I’m worried he’ll be semi-comatose for weeks afterwards – he’s struggling to keep his eyes open during his all-day meetings in London. I reckon if they made the English people fly 24 hours to Sydney for a meeting they’d be waaaay less likely to arrange so many international get-togethers. Bring on the virtual conference, I say! I mean, if it’s good enough for Michael Caine in Kingsman …

In other, unrelated news, the eldest and I have been entertaining each other with our favourite ’80s songs. The eldest is a big fan of The Violent Femmes and New Order. I’m a big fan of New Order and made the mistake of thinking Erasure would be another good choice. I love Erasure – ‘Respect’ is a stunner of a song – but they sound a bit Rick Astley now. New Order, on the other hand, are still totally amazing.

We were bopping around the kitchen together last night to our faves. Bulk fun.

As for the vitamin C powder … I haven’t sorted that yet, I was too shell-shocked by the price of my new nasal spray – $50!

I improvised last night by having a glass of spiced rum and orange juice instead …

Another friend has me on these little herbal ball things called Spiroflor. The only problem: I need to remember to take them six times a day. Remembering isn’t my strength. But I’ll try …

Song of the day: Erasure “A little respect”



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