Cross everything for me

Alrighty, I’m off to the Downing Centre this morning, armed with a stack of reasons/excuses for why it’s a bad time for me to serve on a jury for 10 weeks.

I’m not sure what reason/excuse to offer first. I’m thinking I’ll start with the medical certificate that says I’m being treated for “persistent fatigue”.

I dunno whether “persistent fatigue” cuts it, sounds kinda wishy washy. But perhaps if I back it up by complaining about my constant sore throat and keep my fingers crossed for some spontaneous dry coughing?

It’s not a lie. Geez I’m tired and geez I’m sick of my throat STILL hurting.

I also need to book an appointment for something called “aural toilet” … hubba hubba … apparently that’s the sexy name for ear vaccuming. After that’s done I’ll have a chitter chat to the ear, nose and throat specialist about my dysfunctional ear, nose and throat. But I can’t book that yet because I might be on jury duty for 10 weeks.

Oh, and I cracked a tooth on the weekend … on a chicken wrap of all freaking things … and I need to book a dental appointment, but I can’t because I might be on jury duty for 10 weeks.

Then there’s the single mother of two children thing … with school holidays coming up and a huge mortgage that never goes away.

Cue look of panic.

Or the full-time job where I can’t be easily replaced, which means I’ll probably be jury dutying by day and web editing by night …

Aside from all that, if I get chosen for the case, I’m going to really hate catching a bus or train to the city for three months.

I did it yesterday for the IBA Annual Conference – it’s an independent liquor stores chain that’s gathered hundreds of retailers together at the Hyatt Regency for three days of festivities. I’m missing today’s session because of the jury duty thingy.

I caught the train to Town Hall Station yesterday and slouched my way through the thronging crowds and streets filled with pollution and cigarette plumes. Blerk.

It’s not my favourite. And it costs $11 a day for a return ticket. Blah.

I sound like such a whinger, don’t I?

Do you think being a whinger will get me out of jury duty? Or will it just piss them off? I bet they get a lot of whingers.

Song of the day: Bananarama “Guilty”



2 thoughts on “Cross everything for me

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  1. Sit there & cough & splutter. Best if u van get your cough to sound ‘productive’ – ie, spit whatever u cough up into a never-ending supply of tissues…
    Good luck

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