So many firsts

I went Clubbercising on Friday night!

Have you heard of it? It’s an exercise class with dance music and flashing disco lights and glow sticks.

I was terrible at it, but it was still fun.

I got very excited at the start when they directed us to a table in the corner to have “shots”. But they turned out to be Gatorade in shot glasses. Damn.

I love a boogie, but I am sooooo uncoordinated – I was always the last person to be chosen for sporting teams at school. (Shudder, that was such a hideous, cruel practice – do they still do it?)

So while everyone else looked like this …

I looked like this …

Actually, maybe a bit worse. In the end I gave up trying to do the official moves and just jumped around a lot in the back corner, waving my glow sticks around.

Meanwhile, my gym instructor friend Lianne – who was my “date” for the night – looked fabulous. She is such a dynamo.

Clubberise is a pretty cool way to exercise, if you’re good at following an instructor’s dance moves. I got quite sweaty flinging myself around for 45 minutes straight.

Afterwards, we went to a cool micro-brewery next door to the gym called 4 Pines Truck Bar, in Brookvale, where I sacrilegiously ordered wine. As an indicator of their disdain for wine, there was just one no-name white wine – sauvignon blanc – on offer.

The bartender got us to try and Lemon & Basil Sour Beer, which was delicious, so I got one of those next. I’ve never ordered myself a beer in my life!

I usually hate the stuff – though in my 20s it was a sign that I was totally slaughtered when I started snatching blokes’ beers from their hands and slugging them back – but the sour beer was really nice, more like a cider.

Lianne and I had a lovely chitter chat – I would go back to Truck Bar in a heartbeat. Great place.

Here are some photos from the night (captions on pic when you open the gallery):


On Saturday, I decided to make tomato and onion gravy in the slow cooker for the first time. I couldn’t find any tomato and onion gravy recipes in the internet, they all had sausages in them, which I thought would be a bit like eating dead man’s fingers after eight hours of simmering.

I planned to make DD grilled sausages and mash with tomato and onion gravy, with a nice bottle of shiraz, for dinner and do a bit of cocooning on the couch, as it was our first child-free weekend since March. But it was such a nice day that I suggested we go for a late afternoon walk and have a glass of wine somewhere scenic instead.

He’d never been to Barangaroo, which is reclaimed parkland and bars, restaurants and office space on the harbour near The Rocks, so we headed there and then on to have a stickybeak at the last night of Vivid Sydney. We had SUCH a nice time. I’ve captioned all the pics below – if I rabbit on about them in this blog post it will go on FOREVER.

So just click on one and it will open up the gallery with the captions.


How was your weekend?

Song of the day: Powerfinger “My Happiness”

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