Not according to plan

It’s official: I’ve become the local crazy old lady. I booked a teenager to babysit my dogs for two hours on Sunday night.

OK, she didn’t really need to spend two hours looking after the little bundles of furry nuisance. I just wanted someone to let them out for a wee at 9pm, but I figured I needed to make it worth her while financially.

And the sooky la-las would have loved the  attention.

I was heading up north to finally cook DD his sausages and tomato & onion gravy and mash. Oh, and stay the night so I could have a few glasses of wine and then watch a glorious Avalon sunrise with a strong flat white in hand.

Well, two of the four things happened.

I packed a cooler bag with the sausages, potatoes and a tub of tomato and onion gravy and hit the road late on Sunday arvo.

I was sitting on DD’s couch sipping my first glass of shiraz when his son texted to ask if he wanted to have dinner. DD’s son is vegetarian, so my snags weren’t going to cut it.

They were shoved back in the fridge and we headed to the local Italian place for dinner instead.

My gravy is jinxed!

Well, as jinxed as you can be with a luscious plate of gnocchi gorgonzola with crumbled walnuts being served to you. Yuuuuuum.

Though my stomach didn’t think so at 1am when I woke up with old lady heartburn.

We chinwagged over dinner about everything from how hard it is to make ends meet as a student in Sydney to how DD spent half the weekend helping his personal trainer, The Warrior, re-cover the equipment at this outdoor gym – Muscle Beach – with new vinyl. DD loves a bit of DIY.

As for the sausages, DD had to cook his own – he roasted them for his lunch yesterday, as he was working from home. He said it was the nicest lunch he’s had in ages.

But back to dawn: we set the alarm for 6am and got ourselves showered and ready, only to discover the weather was horrible outside.

We slouched off to the coffee van on the headland regardless, but the sun just couldn’t fight its way through the clouds. So, no pretty pics for me. Sob!

The coffee was good though, with a yummy pesto eggs wrap to nibble as well.

Then I hauled myself through the morning traffic to let the dogs out and head to work.

Brrrrrrrr it was cold and miserable in Sydney yesterday.

But I was determined to brave it for a walk with my friend Mel last night. I need to crack down on my expanding belly, but my resolve waivered when it started pelting down again.

I was all set to reluctantly cancel when I had a brainwave and suggested we meet at the local gym’s treadmills instead.

We had a lovely chittery chattery hour’s walk together and burned 330 calories in the process!

DD went gymming up his way too – then he popped over to my place afterwards to kiss me goodnight.

So, not such a bad day after all!

Geez it’s gouting down this morning – Tommy Hilfiger gumboot weather, me thinks!

Always a silver lining.

Song of the day: Eurythmics “Here comes the rain again”

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