11 cop-out quotes

I once promised a lawyer I wouldn’t write a book about a nasty interlude in my career. I said it was an easy commitment because I don’t have a book in me.
While it’s unsettling to know you’re a writer who doesn’t harbour that sort of brilliance – it would be oh-sooooo awesome to be an author – it’s also incredibly freeing at the same time.
That doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for my writing. I think my knack with words is making people feel like we’re having a chat and a laugh together, like old friends, whether they know me or not.
But I’m copping out today and using other people’s words instead, to describe how my week has been and the thoughts that have spun around inside it.
I got the idea from a friend who posts stuff from pages like Great Minds and Word Porn on Facebook.
Welcome to my totally unoriginal Sunday …
>> I think the quote below might be what has been messing with my head the most: this isn’t what I’d mapped out for my future. It doesn’t matter whether my life was making me happy (I always told myself it would eventually) … it was the plan … and I wanted to stick with the plan … and enjoy our grandchildren together
>> I’ve been fretting that I WON’T find a new someone whose weirdness is compatible with mine. A little premature, I know, since I’ve only been separated for less than a month. But I had tea with a long-time divorcee on Friday who said she hadn’t even thought about dating for years. Deep breaths …
Photo: Word Porn!
>> I MUST stop doing this …
>> I’m still coming to terms with the fact the last two and a half years of my life were an illusion … I’m still working on the setting myself free bit …
>> I’m trying really hard to do this too …
>> I’m looking forward to the day when I finally I feel whole again …
>> Half the time I secretly think this is true, the other half I openly think I’m a delusional fool …
>> I’m doing my best to fight the hate. It’s such a negative emotion. I don’t need it in my life, it won’t make me a better person. So I’m focussing on being positive, but geez it’s a battle some days …
>> Am I living my new beginning yet? My perspective is a bit screwed. But I hope so …
>> This one is easier to say than do …
>> Wise words from the late Nora … but far out, forever is a VERY long time …
Got any other inspirational quotes for me?
PS And here’s the one I really shouldn’t post … actually … I won’t post it … I’ve just deleted it (well, saved it to my downloads). Now there’s a self restraint I don’t normally show …
PPS Apologies to the friend who congratulated me on my “nice, light blogs this week”

4 thoughts on “11 cop-out quotes

  1. Alana,
    Heartbreak sux. That knot in the stomach sux. Hating sux. But so does the idea of forgiveness before you’re ready.

    Get thee to a therapist if you haven’t already. Everyone needs extra support thru these times.

  2. I don’t know if it is a quote, but one saying I (try to) live by is “ask for forgiveness, not for permission”. Although I’d preface this with “while sticking to the golden rule”, it still remains the best ‘quote’ for unlocking indecision.

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