A little blue

DD knocked on my front door at 6.30am yesterday to give me a quickie cuddle before flying to the ASCO conference in Chicago.

He’s doing a presentation there, but he reckons it won’t be nearly as exciting as his last one, which was rated No.1 by participants for highlights including him taking his pants off on stage.

Medical presentations tend to be a little dull, so DD likes to liven things up. He dropped his daks to reveal typical Aussie attire while explaining what his Doen Under division does.

He’s thinking stripping isn’t quite so appropriate during a lecture about clinical trials in Korea.

The rest of the time he’ll be in back-to-back meetings, so a summer jaunt to Chicago won’t be quite as exciting as it sounds.

It will also be a lightning trip because he’s still doing the single dad thing and needs to lickety split it back home ASAP.

Hopefully his next American jaunt will be a little more laidback.

He goes to the ASCO conference every year and totally freaked me out two years back by suggesting I go with him … the night before he flew out.

I went puce coloured because I’m not very good with last-minute anything, let alone international travel. I happened to have a valid US visa at the time, so he jumped on the phone to Qantas to see if he could get me a seat.

Can you imagine the freaking out my brain was doing while he was on the phone? It almost exploded trying to process what it would need to accomplish to be on a plane within 12 hours: child minding, dog minding, begging for time off work, packing …

It was both a disappointment and a profound relief when he couldn’t make the flights work.

Though I’d quite like to see Chicago sometime, then hop over to New York to explore my old stomping grounds and catch up with my mate Nathan, who has moved over there.

I’m not nearly as excited about trekking to Shanghai in July for the World Skipping Championships. It’s sooooo not on my bucket list, especially in the middle of summer.

The Chinese Skipping Federation has assigned the Australian team to a little two-star hotel in the shadow of the Ritz Carlton. I checked it out on Trip Advisor, where someone complained the breakfast included hot orange juice.

But it looks fairly cute in the pics – the youngest reckons it looks like her favourite yum cha restaurant, so she’s happy.

Meanwhile, I’m a little blue about having no DD for a week, though I was blitzed to see the most gorgeous sunrise in my backyard after I waved him off.

I love a good sunrise.

And then I got the loveliest surprise after dinner last night when DD bought some wi-fi on the plane and messaged me.

Always fun to get a message from 10,000 feet over Hawaii.

It’s a lonely ol’ day without DD texts in it.

Song of the day: John Mellencamp “Lonely ol’ night”



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  1. I love how content you sound when you write Alana. I am so happy for you that things have come together. I can imagine the anxiety that a very spontaneous overseas trip would bring on! I am also certain that your hotel won’t be as bad as you imagine xoxo

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