The milestones never stop

I’m finding myself oddly drawn to movies about old people. Especially ones where they’re having fun. The latest one that’s caught my eye is Finding Your Feet.

Here’s the trailer – I hadn’t watched this one before, it’s a bit gooby. But I’m still curious because the storyline kinda resonates.

Well, except I’m not a Lady … or a lady.

I’m wondering if my desire to watch old people stories is a subconscious way of acknowledging that I am, in fact, becoming an old person.

I like the idea that the fun continues for at least a few decades.

There’s this weird terror inside me that when I hit 60 … and DD is 65 … we’ll become terribly dull and just read the paper and drink cups of tea and go to bed early for totally G rated reasons.

I prefer the Finding Your Feet version.

It seems like just yesterday that I was finding my feet as a young adult, fresh out of my childhood home. Lots of “memories” from five years ago have been popping up in my Facebook feed from five years ago, when I posted old pics taken at parties and gatherings in my 20s. I’d tag a new person who appeared in them each day.

This week, a former workmate reshared the photo of themselves and noted “How young we were!” Then we both started gibbering about how terrified we were of the big 5-0. Another former workmate assured us in the comments that “50 is the new 30!”

I don’t feel 50. Well, except when my possible arthritis (probable just garden variety failing body) plays up in my chicken injury and it takes a moment before I can straighten up when I stand after sitting in my work chair too long.

Oh, and then there’s the groaning that accompanies it.

Do you groan when you get out of a chair?

I wonder when I started doing that?

There’s nothing geriatric about my weekend, mind you. I’m off to watch a gig in Newtown tonight. And then it’s a freewheeling, kid-free two days sans my house, as I’ve lent it to my Newcastle friend Megz so she has somewhere to stay while her daughter attends a swimming competition.

Who knows what I’ll get up to? But I plan on making the most of it.

How’s your weekend shaping up?

Song of the day: John Mellencamp “Cherry Bomb”



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