Just keep walking

Exercising – with friends or alone – was a bit of a life saver three years ago when my dearly beloved departed.

I noted in a blog post after he left that I’d step into a gym class or put my runners on and go for a walk whenever it felt like I was going to implode with grief/anger/anxiety. By the end of the class or walk I’d feel vaguely human again.

Along the way, I began to love what the workouts were doing to my body – how I felt, how I looked. I liked getting strong and fit.

I began to feel muscles taking shape and my ooooooold clothes started fitting again.

Then I got a full-time job … and fell in love … and it mostly flew out the window as massive time constraints took over.

I still get to the gym on a Sunday morning and go for one or two walks with friends each week – I went for a lovely chattery power walk last night – but it’s not quite enough.

I’m officially porky.

And I HATE it.

I hate that none of my clothes fit. I hate the hang of my belly in the mirror.

I am disappointed in myself for not exercising enough and eating too much.

But doing more exercise is so freaking difficult when you are juggling five busy days in the office, four busy days with the kids and the various other endless demands of life.

I keep resolving that THIS week will be different, but something always crops up.

I want to start lunchtime workouts with my office buddy Kathy at the gym that’s in our building, and a pump class at a nearby Fitness First on Thursdays at 12.45pm. Kathy and I have been talking about it for weeeeeeeeks. But meetings and days out of the office keep getting in the way. This week is totally out of whack because I lose Wednesday to International Women’s Day. The drinks association has an all-day function on, so five days of work needs to be squeezed into four.

The gym doesn’t stand a chance.

Next week … please let it be next week that I finally knuckle down and commit to getting back in shape.

I want to feel and look better again.

I CAN do this … gawd, I feel so daunted by the challenge …

Do you have trouble fitting exercise into your day?

Song of the day: C&C Music Factory “Gonna make you sweat”

6 thoughts on “Just keep walking

  1. I don’t know where to start… I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. But I know I feel better after a walk. Just got to wait for this bloody rain to stop.

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