Just a quickie

I only have a few minutes to squeeze this in …

I need to be at work at 7.15am as I’m off to a breakfast meeting in the city.

Cue heavy breathing for all the wrong quickie reasons.

A back-to-school week with the kids and a hectic work schedule have collided, and I’m feeling a little under the pump.

Although it’s hard to make the kids understand why you’re so stressed by spending half the day at Luna Park … where the drinks association is holding its various board meetings this year.

Yesterday was Women in drinks’ turn to occupy the Sonar Meeting Room.

I got home all flustered last night with my Luna Park notepad and pen and the youngest was outraged that I’d been whooping it up at an amusement park while she’d been slaving away at school.

Not quite, honey.

I wouldn’t normally have the kids on a Wednesday night – they’re usually with their dad – and its thrown me. I’ve fallen out of the habit of having to feed children so … frequently.

Every night involves bolting home from work and cooking another meal. I’d gotten used to having lots of breaks from the stove. Poor, grounded jetsetting single mum me.

Inspiration completely deserted me yesterday evening as I hooned to IGA after work.

I fretted up and down the aisles before going for the lowest common denominator: burgers with homemade wedges. They turned out pretty well, but now I need to come up with SOMETHING ELSE for tonight. Far out it’s exhausting.

Getting dinner together tonight going to be interesting, as I need to finish work, drive to skipping training at 6pm, drop two other kids to their respective home and THEN get started on a meal of gawd knows what.

I’ve also promised the youngest we’ll eat at the dinner table for a change instead of in front of the tellie. So we need to be done and dusted by 7.30pm when her favourite show – My Kitchen Rules – starts.

(I was a little horrified by all the 50 Shades of Grey ads in it last night … hello Channel 7 what the? … but fortunately they didn’t seem to register.)

I’ve been hooked by the on-screen kitchen dramas too, so that’s 90 minutes of my life I’m not getting back every night … as endless need-to-do other chores continue piling up, like doing the washing, mopping the floor, submitting Medicare bills and belatedly getting stuff together for my tax return.

Must stop, the panicked heavy breathing is starting again just THINKING about it.

How’s the first week back at school panning out for  you (for those who either have school kids, teach them or are gritting their teeth as they tackle the post-school-holidays traffic jams on the way to work)?

Song of the day: Kylie Minogue “Spinning around”

2 thoughts on “Just a quickie

  1. Would they eat this? Quick, easy and tasty. Pan fried/ grilled chicken (BBQ if u have one) dipped in a bit of oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper; rice cooked in chicken stock and a basic salad.

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