He’s never had WHAT?

I have an intern working for me at the moment. He’s from the greater Chicago area. He’s 21 and looks a little startled to be overseas for the first time.

He also had quite a bit of trouble understanding what I was saying for the first few days. I do have quite a broad Aussie accent and I talk very fast.

It must also be quite confronting to be working in an office with so many bolshie older women.

Especially yesterday, when they started dropping hints about what his first curry lunch might do to him later.

Yep, that’s right, Intern Nick had his very first curry. At 21!

You tend to take the wonderful multicultural culinary lives we in Sydney for granted. (I remember trying my first laksa when I was 23 – wow, it blew my tiny Newie mind!)

Nick’s first curry was a doozy – my boss Sandra shouts everyone Mamak curry and roti about once a month. It is VERY hot.

And very yummy … well, Nick pretended it was yummy, but I don’t think he and chilli have had much previous exposure – he ate his chicken curry VERY slowly.

Actually, it was quite the day for Nick on the food front. He also got to see one of our office baker Alison’s famous cake creations, which she whipped up for our receptionist Vicki, who said on our internal Facebook page afterwards that it was “The best fun I’ve had in years for my birthday at work today.”

Can you guess what the cake is supposed to be? Nah, you’ll never guess !

This is what it looked like halfway through the decorating process …


Alison revealed on her The Cakes the Woman’s Weekly Rejected Facebook page that: “Hubby has declared it my worst ever.”

Alison is awesome, and so are her cakes.

My boss Hope has vowed to treat Nick to a proper Aussie bbq before he returns to the United States. He smiled politely at the suggestion, but I think he was secretly quaking on the inside, wondering what the hell we serve at those …

Song of the day: Billy Idol “Hot in the city”

PS: The cake is a jewellery tree.

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