Don’t leave me this way

My barely 13-year-old daughter is flying to the United States today on a school band tour.

I am totally freaking out.

I’ve regretted agreeing to the tour ever since I put down the deposit. And not just because it’s costing me an absolute bloody fortune.

Back in MY day … says Grannie Al … you were lucky to get to Jindabyne when you were 16 on a school excursion.

Now they’re taking 13-year-olds to Disneyland. Madness.

I’m worried she’s too young. I’m worried she’s too introverted. I’m worried she’ll be lonely. I’m worried she’ll get lost. I’m worried …

Oh, I’m worried about so many things.

I asked her to post some photos on Instagram while she was away, so I could see how the trip is going. She looked at me like I was an alien from Mars.

She hasn’t put any photos on her Instagram account since September.

She was quite active on Instagram until then. I asked her if she’s started a secret Instagram account and I got another alien-from-Mars look.

As for the suggestion she might send me a text message every couple of days to let me know she’s OK … you’d think I’d asked her to scrub the toilet with her toothbrush.

The teen years are gearing up to be challenging.

Her trip sounds amazing, she’s going to a few high schools over there to perform, there’s a special masterclass at Disneyland, as well as sightseeing at places like Alcatraz and Sony Pictures.

OK, I’m not just worried, I’m jealous too.

It will be just me waving her off today. She’s refusing to let her sister come along and her dad has accidentally double booked himself for something or other.

I’m willing myself not to cry, though I joked to her that I would wail and call after her as she disappeared into customs that I loved her. She thought THAT was mildly amusing because she knew I wouldn’t do it.

Meanwhile, the youngest is VERY excited about being an only child for 10 days …

Where’s the most exotic place you every went on a school excursion?

Song of the day: The Communards “Don’t leave me this way”

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  1. I went on a Biology camp to Magnetic Island which is 8 kms away from home. On the other hand my daughter went to France at 14 and England at 16 on language and netball (basically shopping) “excursions”. The teachers look after them extremely well so try not to worry. Save the emotion for jealousy 🙂

    1. Wow, lucky girl. That must have cost a BOMB. My daughter is also pushing for me to take her on an “excursion” to Hawaii for a Supernatural convention. Hmmmm ….

  2. The most exotic place we went on a school excursion would be Kanangra Walls (or Falls) in central west NSW, a geography camping excursion for 4 days. We were in year 10. My best friend and I put a WHAM poster in our tent and were teased mercilessly as you can imagine.
    I guess things are different now. My son’s new primary school take them on a school camp to some mountain place near Canberra, but I didn’t let him go this year (and he didn’t want to go) because it would’ve been his first time away from home, his 8th birthday fell on one of the days away and it was a new school and he didn’t have any friends yet. I thought it was all too much for him, and for me!
    I’m sure your daughter will have an amazing time though and I’m sure the teachers look after them extremely well as Pinky says. But I know what you mean.

  3. How about Coonabaraban to visit the old asbestos mines? I can’t remember what year but I’m sure it was at KHS and it was before the awareness of the risks that asbestos and mesothelioma presented to people became a thing. 😳
    We were billeted with local families for a couple of days and it was not a happy stay! The weather was hot and, as I recall, the whole thing was a flop! 🙄
    I can’t remember ever doing any other long excursions, apart from the odd bus trip to Sydney. There were certainly no overseas trips in the offing!
    I’m sure that your daughter will feel very grown up on this tour and she will have a blast…don’t stress too much ’cause she’ll be right! 👍😄

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