Desolation deja vu

Christmas 2014 heralded “The Desolation of Smiggle” … Christmas 2016 will go down as “The Skirmish of Supernatural.”

You might recall the merry hell I went through to get a Smiggle advent calendar for my youngest daughter a few years ago. She wanted one BAD.

So I tried our local Smiggle store. Nup, sucked dry.

I headed to the Warriewood store on my way to DD’s place. No dice. But the shop assistant checked the computer and discovered Manly had some in stock.

I called the Manly store and a bloke said he’d put one on hold, but I needed to collect it within 24 hours. No problem, I replied, I’ll be there in 30 minutes.

When I arrived, he said: “Oh, I am so sorry [He wasn’t sorry AT ALL]. It’s gone. It’s store policy that if a product is put on hold, but someone else comes into the store wanting it, we have to sell it to them.”

I spat the dummy. Bloody eeejit making up “policies” as he goes.

When I calmed down, I rang around and discovered Macquarie Centre Smiggle had ONE left. They promised to put it on proper hold for me.

Macquarie Centre is a fair bloody hike from Manly, but commonsense and reason had deserted me at that point … I HAD to have one.

When I arrived, the girl behind the counter looked a little startled when I said I had an advent calendar “on hold.”

Fark, I thought, here we go again.

She went out the back to check and returned empty handed.

My heart sank.

But she just wanted to check the name it was being held under. (I’m presuming there were other desperate mums who were prepared to lie, cheat and prostitute themselves to get their hands on the elusive bloody things.)

I supplied the correct name and my delighted eight-year-old got her Smiggle advent calendar just in time for December 1 …

Fast forward (or should that be slow forward, given how long it’s taken me to get to the point?) to 2016 and my eldest daughter is obsessed with an age-inappropriate TV show called Supernatural. She discovered it when she was on the plane home from Italy – her dad didn’t realise how violent it was until it was too late.

It has three handsome male leads who brutally dispose of monsters each week. I’m sure the asthetically pleasing nature of the male leads has nothing to do with her obsession, it’s all about the excellent storylines and impeccable camerawork.

Anyways, there’s an item of memorabilia from the show that the eldest is desperate to own, so I spent yesterday on another crazy Christmas quest to obtain it for under the tree.

I started at my local EB Games store. Sold out.

So I headed to EB’s Warriewood store. Also sold out, but the computer revealed there were five at Warringah Mall. There was no need to even put one on hold, the shop assistant assured me, I was a shoo in.

Are you seeing a pattern emerging here?

So I drove to EB Games at Warringah Mall. The shop assistant stared at me blankly and said there wasn’t a single one in the store. She suggested trying their sister establishment on the other side of the mall.

I went to the sister establishment. It didn’t have a single one either. But the assistant checked the computer and … you guessed it … discovered there was one left at … Macquarie Centre.

He asked if I wanted to put it on hold.

Sanity prevailed for once in my life and I said “no”.

Then I headed to JB Hi-Fi for an unrelated poke around and discovered a whole stand of similar merchandise. Hallelujah!

The exhilaration was brief – they didn’t have the exact item I was seeking. So … I asked the shop assistant to look up the nearest store that DID have one.

I fully expected them to say “Macquarie Centre” but it was “Belrose.”

I was feeling pretty weary at that point, but DD, bless him, assured me it was mere minutes to Belrose, so off we drove.

I didn’t have high hopes for Belrose, but I grabbed a lovely shop assistant who said “Oooooh, I remember seeing that earlier in the week, I think I hid it at the back of the display, let me see if I can find it.”

And she DID. I almost held it aloft like a trophy as I raced to the checkout. The checkout chick asked me how my day was going and I said “AWESOME because you had this Supernatural thingumajig!”

My dagginess was cheerfully received because lots of geeks work at JB Hi-Fi … and also at EB Games, I’ve discovered, during my extensive travels.

I can’t wait to see the uncharacteristic delight on the eldest’s face on Christmas Day.

Have you ever embarked on my sort of madness to procure a must-have Christmas gift?

Song of the day: “Carry on my wayward son”





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  1. I did… last week… but ordered it online & it was delivered to the local apple store 2 days later for pick up… the internet has been my best friend for xmas presents this year! Im sure it was invented for busy mums

    1. I’ve always been a bit obsessed. I used to fill a Christmas stocking with little bits and bobs for every family member when I was in my early 20s. Hate receiving gifts though, which isn’t very fair of me.

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