Burning ears

Remember me asking my daughter to send a text every few days letting me know she was OK on her school band trip to America … and her looking at me like I’d asked her to scrub the toilet with her toothbrush?

Well, I rang my ex yesterday to moan that despite leaving the country at 3pm on Saturday, she’d STILL not messaged to say she was OK. He hadn’t heard from her either.


This is someone who barely looks up from her phone in Australia, but can’t tap a few words on the screen while out of the country.


We had no word from the school either to advise they’d arrived safely.

Fortunately another mum alerted me to a couple of photographs of the band in rainy San Francisco on Facebook, but I couldn’t see hide nor hair of our daughter in any of them.


I knew it was highly likely she was perfectly fine, but it was still a bit nerve-racking not having confirmation.

My ex and I both sent her texts asking how things were going, but hadn’t heard anything back.

The moment I hung up the phone, I saw a message had arrived from her!

Before even reading it, I rang my ex back squealing “I got a message!! I got a message!! Her ears must have been burning!!”

He had one too.

We put ourselves on loud speaker as we read out our messages, which turned out to be identical: “I’m good. We went to Alcatraz and Target today but we’re all pretty jet-lagged and I’m going to sleep in five.”

Touching, huh? But at least it’s a message.

Are your kids crap at keeping in touch?

Song of the day: Blondie “Hanging on the telephone”


4 thoughts on “Burning ears

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  1. I despair at the challenges of communicating with my (25 year old) son! It’s not only communicating with me but with the rest of our family. For example, I get really angry, on the rare occasions that we do talk on the phone, when he invariably asks, “So, how’s Granma?”. I seethe and tell him “perhaps it’s time YOU CALL HER and ask her yourself!”. However, as time goes on, I am learning to just let it go….
    Come to think of it, I have a couple of other friends who also ask “How’s so and so?” and I bristle at that, too!! Crikey, why can’t people just TALK to each other?! 🙄
    Haaarrumph…you’ve opened the veritable can of worms with this one, Alana

  2. Mine are appalling. I have resorted to sending them messages on fb so I can see if they have read the message. I have taken their phones many times

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