Solving the custody jigsaw

As the weeks evaporate before school ends, I stare at January 2017 on my calendar and wonder how on earth I’m going to juggle it.

My ex is working insane hours most of the month – until 8pm many nights during the week.

And, in a master stroke of unfortunate timing, my office is closing down for the entire time the kids are away on holiday with their dad and his family … reopening on the day they get back.

That means I’ll be working the balance of the school holidays while the kids are home with me because I don’t have any additional leave accrued.

But how do I work full-time and still make sure the kids are OK?

I mean, the teenager should be fine, but what about the 10-year-old? The teenager and the 10-year-old don’t get along, so it’s not like they’ll amuse each other.

The calendar is covered in scribble as I try to solve the maddening jigsaw.

It makes me realise how hard it must be for single mums who don’t have the kids’ dad around to share the load.

Imagine doing seven days a week, 52 weeks a year alone?

My heart clutches at the thought. I honestly don’t know how they manage it and keep their marbles.

I’m fortunate that my kids’ dad usually IS around to lend a hand.

OK, I’d like to have a kid-free night each week when I can wake up the next morning and NOT have to head to work – the whole Sunday/Monday/Wednesday arrangement is really starting to bite – but at least I get a few nights a week to recharge and take a break from the kid runaround duties.

Reorganising our custody days is a much bigger issue to be tackled at another time once I’ve figured January out.

Time to start investigating school holiday programs … except the 10-year-old says she doesn’t want to do school holiday programs … and they cost a freaking fortune … Sigh.

Do you find the school holiday/work juggle exhausting?

Song of the day: Icehouse “Can’t help myself”




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  1. What you need is a really understanding boss who can arrange for you to work from home or bring the kids into work on really hots days for a swim and to watch movies in the board room. I wonder where you could find one of those?

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