Colour me happy

10 is a mercurial age.

The youngest is back on sugar something fierce … I blame Halloween … while also being on my case about wanting a dental appointment.

I don’t think she’s made a connection between the two, they both just happen to be top of her unique little mind.

I swear, barely a day goes past without her saying: “Have you made me an appointment at the dentist yet?”

What child WANTS to go to the dentist?

Mine. Desperately.

What. Is. It. With. That?

It’s on my to-do list … but a fair way down.

The other thing she’s been on my case about is the Dulux jelly bean promotion. If you buy 8 litres of paint you get a 4 litre can of jelly beans.

The child has been OBSESSED with those jelly beans. When she’s not angling for a dental appointment, she’s angling for a trip to Bunnings.

She also chose a new colour for her room: Half July.

Her room doesn’t need a new colour, I paid good money for the old one two years ago, but white isn’t cutting it any more. She wants blue, specifically Half July blue.

Pester power finally won yesterday and I took her to Bunnings.

There were incentives for me too: rather than handing a painter the exhoribitant sum of $2100, I paid Bunnings $300 for paint supplies.

The youngest was totally giddy about her jelly beans. Christmas has come early …


I’m a bit daunted by the task ahead, not so much the painting, though the ceiling makes me shudder, but the cleaning. The walls are very grotty post-renovation and will require extensive sugar soaping.

I HATE cleaning. HATE IT.

Painting isn’t my favourite thing either, but I put in some practice yesterday painting the youngest’s bedroom. The youngest helped, so the room will need a second coat today.

But it’s looking pretty fab …


I still don’t feel 100% post flu so I think that second coat of the youngest’s room will do me for this weekend. I’ll squeeze in a bit of cleaning at some stage, though next week is looking pretty mad: Monday I’m at Luna Park for some work seminars, then Monday night is my nephew’s birthday dinner; Tuesday starts with a work breakfast at 6am and goes through to the Wine Communicator of the Year Awards, which are slated to ramble on until 10pmish; Wednesday and Thursday I’m flying off on a work trip; which leaves Friday when I’m expecting to be pretty shattered … hmmmm ….

Ah, well, it will get done at some point.

How’s your weekend going?

Song of the day: Cyndi Lauper “True colours”




2 thoughts on “Colour me happy

  1. I used to schedule one room per holiday and as a teacher there was plenty of ’em. Up at a sparrow’s fart and crack on. Good luck trying to fir it in around family and work life. Good on ya for going for the beans…yummo!

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