Not my night

I went to see the Dandy Warhols last night.

It made me feel very, very old.

Not because everyone there was young, it was a pretty mixed crowd, but because I am still quite wonky from the flu.

As I lay on the couch at 6pm waiting for DD to pick me up, I knew it was going to be a struggle.

I felt like going to bed, not a concert.

A glass of pink bubbles perked me up nicely at a cool Kirribilli bar called The Botanist, but then I made the mistake of over-estimating my stomach’s level of recovery.

After a week of vegemite toast and mashed potato it was a little startled to be filled with a slider burger, pulled pork taco, lobster Mac and cheese ball and slice of pizza …

We wandered across to the venue at Luna Park and I opted for a softie from the bar. As the music started, so did the clammy nausea.

A few songs later, I retreated to the back and found myself a piece of floor to sit on to ride out the waves.

It obviously looked like I’d overdone it on the booze, as a random bloke kept coming over and checking on me.


To be honest, I only have the most rudimentary knowledge of the Dandy Warhols’ music, so it was very entertaining to listen to the crowd sing one of the songs by themselves, as I’d never even heard of it.

I’m also wondering if the band were feeling a bit tired too: they started over on one song twice because they kept stuffing up the words and chords. Oooops! But it was a lovely, forgiving crowd who weren’t bothered at all by the faffing.

At 11pm DD grabbed me by the hand and took me home, fortunately as we were walking out, the band started playing one of his favourite songs: “Bohemian Like You.”

I know THAT one, so it was fun to hear it live.

Then he dropped me home and wearily made his way back to the Northern Beaches.


Of course, despite not getting to bed until after 11.30pm, I still woke at sparrow’s fart, so I see a lot more yawning in my future.

What’s the last band you went to see?

Song of the day: Dandy Warhols “Bohemian Like You”

Here are a few snaps from my night:

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