Over booked to infinity

I’m a little off my game after the flu, at least that’s my excuse for the madness that was last night.

I accidentally double booked the kids: the youngest had a band concert and the eldest was off to get her hair cut and coloured on the other side of the Harbour Bridge … Both at approximately the same time.

I decided that if I ran a tight ship I could just about do it.

Oh, but let’s add to the mix my little orange car’s first service. It should have been a routine freebie, but they rang with some sob story about the wheels being 2mm out of alignment. Now, 2mm might not sound like much, but it cost $100 to fix. Blah.

I was also informed that there are two manufacturing flaws in the bloody thing that could take up to a week to repair. They wanted to keep the car, but there ain’t no way that was happening with my scheduling nightmare.

As I bolted out of the service centre at 4.30pm and headed home to collect the kids, I suddenly realised I’d left their dinner – $14 worth of sushi – in the work fridge.


I flung myself in the house, plaited the youngest’s hair for her “Music around the world” dirdnl costume, hustled the kids into the car, bolted back to work, grabbed the sushi, chucked it at them and wove my way through the traffic to drop the youngest at the auditorium by 5.15pm … Well, 5.25pm by the time we battled the traffic.

That gave me an hour to get over the bridge to Leichhardt and back. Sounds like a doddle, but …

Not. Long. Enough.

At least, not in peak hour traffic. I skidded to a stop outside the hair salon just after 6, chucked the eldest on the pavement and left her to it, hooning back off again.

You’re probably wondering why on earth her hairdresser is so far away but it’s a long-standing tradition – Lizzi has been cutting the eldest’s hair since she was 9 months old.

I arrived back at the auditorium with seconds to spare, sat through the concert, applauded loudly, then hustled back out again during the standing ovation so I could extract the eldest before the salon closed at 9pm.

The eldest was looking very cool when I arrived, with a fringe of blonde streaks that set me back $100. We’ve decided they’re an early birthday present.

Then I turned around and crossed the bridge for the third time and headed for home to get us all ready for school/work today.

Geez I was knackered when I finally crashed in bed without any dinner.

And, as there’s no rest for the wicked, this afternoon/evening is shaping up to be just as mad.

How about you? Does the kid runaround make your head spin sometimes?






8 thoughts on “Over booked to infinity

  1. Dont talk to me about being a kid taxi… now zacs playing waterpolo, he has training up to 4 times a week at a different pool to ambers squad… he is 4.30-6, she is 5-7… so luckily theyrr staggered… luckily in newy everythìng is close by!

  2. That sounds like my average Saturday – and I totally sympathise. One of the many things I get out of your blog is the realisation that I am not the only one doing all this. Thanks x

    • Fortunately, the weekends are the quiet part for me – no kid running around – though I do have to pick them up from their dad’s soon and head to Bunnings. The youngest is ON MY CASE about getting a paint tin filled with jelly beans. Good luck with your weekend Lynne!

  3. Always. Moving tomorrow but have drop offs for gymnastics and cricket then dance and more dance on Sunday in preparation for end of year concert. All in the middle of moving between one house to the other and back again.

    • Argh, the end of year concerts … I mean, I love them, but they are their own special nightmare as well. Getting a kid to one by 5pm when you’re working involves quite a bit of pretzel-ing.

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