Such a bore

The eldest and I stayed home together yesterday, both sick and miserable.

I’m a bit worried about how frequently the eldest is getting sick, so I booked her in to see the doctor. She had a pink fit when I told her. You would not believe the carry on.

The doctor was quite startled by how much the eldest has grown since he last saw her. I asked for his advice on when she was going to STOP growing and he started discussing how he didn’t think we were dealing with giantism.

I shut that talk right down! There’s no way I want the eldest fretting that she’s got some weird growth condition.

But he weighed and measured her anyway and it turns out she’s 173.5cm tall, which is totally off the scale. Twelve-year-old girls in the 98th percentile on the growth charts are only 165cm.

It’s not so much her height I’m worried about – though off-the-rack jeans are looking like pedal pushers – it’s her feet that are freaking me out. They’re size 11, any bigger and we’re talking custom-made footwear. Where’s the fun in that? I don’t want my daughter to be denied the divine pleasure of shoe shopping.

Anyways, back to the purpose of the doctor’s visit … he said there’s nothing unusual about how frequently sick she’s been this year, it’s just been a bad season for illness. He also suggested I might have swine flu.


He couldn’t find anything particularly wrong with the eldest, so I reckon it’s back to school with her tomorrow.

Not that she’ll be in my care … she went home with her dad yesterday arvo. He arrived a little late because I’d forgotten to tell the youngest she needed to walk home to his place, so she waited outside the school gates for about 20 minutes and we didn’t know where she was … eeeeek. My ex was very nice about it when I fessed up to my failure after she finally ran to his place in a flap.

Go me!

I’ve also been contemplating a blogging break, because getting daily updates on my health is SUCH A BORE.

I’ll have to admit I’m particularly sensitive to being a bore after that incident a few weeks ago that I should be over by now.

I hate second guessing myself over such a stupid thing, but the “why DO I blog every day?” question still swirls in my head and every time I don’t think I’ve created something funny or meaningful or insightful I wonder if I should really be pressing “publish”.

But thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to write kind words about Housegoeshome.

Song of the day: John Mayer “In repair”





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