I know I’m a champion talker, but …

I asked the breast cancer fundraiser breakfast – the one I’m headlining on Thursday – how long they want me to talk.

They said 20 minutes.

Now, that sounds like a doddle but, let me tell you, 20 minutes is a loooooooong time to blather on stage. I thought I had it all sorted until I did the first run-through of my speech and discovered it was only 12 minutes long.

I’d been telling myself it was almost finished, but the speech was only just over half done.


I now realise 20 minutes of talking is thousands and thousands of words.

So I’ve written the rest. It is many, many pages long. Surely people don’t want to hear me talk THAT much?

But I will talk THAT much. And hopefully no one will nod off.

I also headed to IKEA yesterday for a kitchen pantry. IKEA is supposed to be the oasis of cheap, but my kitchen pantry cost at whopping $1300. I could really do without shelling over $1300 right now, but I don’t have enough cupboard space for even half my stuff. And I couldn’t see the sense of buying a dodgy cheaper pantry that will just end up in a council throw out in a few years time. So wasteful.

Better to get something that will stay the distance until I sell up.

My friends Emily and Fee popped over to see the reno before we went for a walk yesterday morning. And my friend Wendy popped over for a stickybeak before we went for a walk yesterday evening. They all seemed very impressed and had trouble visualising what the place looked like before – it’s a pretty big transformation on the smallest of budgets.

The space seems huge. It almost needs an island bench in the middle of the kitchen it’s so spacious, not that I have the dosh for an island bench.

I am comprehensively broke as broke.

But geez it’s been fun getting this broke. DD jokes that I should call one of my blog posts “Poor jet-setting single mum.”

Yep, pretty hard to throw a pity party for myself when I’ve been on two overseas holidays this year AND renovated my kitchen/dining/living room.

A little win of the Scratchies would come in handy though to pay off the heaving credit card …

Song of the day: (and in other news …) Robert Palmer “Addicted to love”



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