Today is SUCH an awesome day

The sky looks glorious outside my window. I wish I’d paid attention earlier, it must have been the most amazing sunrise, but I was busy texting my ex.


My daughters finally flew back into Sydney late, late, late last night. So I didn’t get to see them, they went straight back to their dad’s place and crashed out.

He was texting to say he’s going to let them sleep in and miss their first day back at school. Then we segued into a bit of general parenting to and fro.

I have to work today, but as soon as I finish I’ll be hooning down the road to give my girls a huge hug.

It has been a long three weeks without them. I’ve missed them very much.

What an amazing time they must have had: a whole month in Italy. Wow!

It will be so good to hear their stories and see their lovely faces.

I have all the ingredients to cook two of their favourite dinners over the next few nights. And I perched precariously on a stool last night to put globes in the youngest’s new light fitting so her room will be schmick and light.

The fur babies seem to sense the kids are home: they’ve been sitting staring through the glass door into the hallway since I got up, hoping to see them emerge from their rooms.

The only downside to the week is that DD is heading back to Singapore. His cancelled conference has reared its head.

I’ll be so frantic, I won’t have as much of a chance to miss him as normal, what with getting back into the swing of early morning band drop offs, school lunch prep, heading to Newcastle on Wednesday straight after work for dinner with mum and dad, then getting up at the crack of dawn to give my breakfast speech on Thursday before turning around and heading back to Sydney for a half day of work.

Gotta go, want to have an early start in the office so I can do a runner at the first possible moment.

Have a great day!

Song of the day: Crowded House “Better be home soon”



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