Coming out the other side

I sat at the hairdresser’s yesterday getting my hair cut and coloured for my public speaking debut next week and realised my keel has evened again.

I hate it when things get wobbly. But transitioning back to real life post-holiday, sorting out the renovation and missing the kids was a biggie for anxious me.

Remember the public speaking thingy? My second-ever time facing a room full of paying guests and hoping I can entertain them for 20 minutes?

My friend Suse asked yesterday if I was scared and I replied that I was TERRIFIED.

It doesn’t help that my mum and all of her friends have booked a table …

I wrote the first draft of my speech on the plane to Rome and then promptly forgot about it. I should probably start doing some buffing and polishing and practising …

But life has been a bit hectic and fraught since I got home, what with broadband being down, the renovation needing some urgent bits and bobs like a pantry (how on earth did I think three drawers and five base cabinets was going to be enough storage space?), going back to work, and not wanting to have grey roots on the stage.

I will do a run-through after I’ve pressed publish on this post.

Wish me luck!

Song of the day: Des’ree “You gotta be”



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