You only live once, sooooo …

While visiting the Blue Grotto, the youngest gazed longingly at the little wooden boats anchored around the entrance with their stripey canopies and cushioned prows.

She was desperate to go sailing in one. I quite fancied the idea of circumnavigating the island in one myself, so I Googled the cost – 150 euros for two hours – did a double take, then thought what the hell, I might never come to Capri again, or Italy for that matter, let’s do it!

So we hopped on a bus yesterday morning for the hair-raising trip to the port and procured ourselves a boat skippered by a bloke called Giovanni.

It was a glorious way to spend a few hours. The coastline of Capri is stunning. We dropped anchor at one point and went swimming in the aquamarine waters. I even tempted the eldest to take a dip.

I had to wear a life jacket since I can’t even tread water, but I bobbed around quite happily. The kids wore masks and dived down to swim with the fishes.

The youngest then stretched out on the cushions and basked in the sun for the rest of the journey while the two redheads huddled under the canopy.

Back on dry land, the youngest proclaimed the experience “awesome”, while the eldest gave it a wry thumbs up.

Then we ate average food at the port (I’m finding eating on a budget in tourist areas a blah culinary experience) before catching the funicular up to Capri town itself.

What a ritzy little surprise it was with its narrow winding streets filled with designer boutiques and the sweet scent of baking waffle cones drifting from the gelaterias.

The youngest was been itching to spend some of her holiday spending money from Nonna and bought a white dress that transfixed her in a shop window.

Then we headed back to our B&B for a nap before dinner. Well, mummy napped, the kids watched Adam Sandler movies on Netflix.

Then we wandered out at dusk for another pizza/pasta dinner in one of Anacapri’s quaint squares.

I will be sad to leave the island today, it’s been such a lovely interlude.

Here are yesterday’s happy snaps:

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