Gawping at the Blue Grotto

Let’s walk to the Blue Grotto, I said. It’ll be fun, I said …

And it was for the first 30 minutes, as we meandered down tiny lanes, peeking into gardens and plucking grapes from the vines hanging over fences. Then we hit the major roadway and things got a bit hairy because despite the “major” road being goat-track wide it is filled with buses, scooters and cars, often going in both directions with millimetres to spare between them.

Not a lot of room for people on foot in that scenario. Plenty of eeeek moments.

I’d also been lead to believe there was an adjacent beach, so I packed cossies in anticipation of a swim. The Capri concept of a beach doesn’t quite tally with the Australian one, it’s just some steps off a rocky outcrop into the sea. We passed.

Getting into the Blue Grotto was insane. Around 20 boats laden with tourists were anchored around the entrance, while around 100 people were queued on the stairs. There was quite the wait to get onto one of the rowing boats that takes you inside.

We finally climbed into one, handed over 31 euros and lay down so as not to hit our heads on the way through the low entrance. Unfortunately that didn’t protect me from getting a semi-black eye from being thwacked with the heavy chain that the bloke rowing the boat uses to pull you inside.


Inside the grotto it’s pretty amazing. The water is the most stunning colour – cross my heart there are no filters on those shots inside the grotto, it really is that blue. Meanwhile, all the blokes rowing the boats warble Italian love songs as they take you for your quick spin.


Back outside – literally five minutes later – I treated us to a bus ride to Anacapri, where we collapsed at our B&B in an exhausted stupor before the youngest insisted I go swimming with her at the nearby hotel.

I remembered my swimmers this time and joined her for an icy dip.

She was quite tranfixed by the mahogany coloured woman slathering herself in oil before sun baking topless in a deck chair.

The eldest meanwhile snoozed in bed for the afternoon before finally agreeing to head out for dinner. She’s practicing her moody teen look but assures me she’s having fun on the inside.

I have something planned today though that I am sure will make her smile (and entice her into a cossie) …

In the meantime, here are yesterday’s happy snaps:


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