Cruising to Capri

DD likes to tease me.

I sent him a snap of the view from our B&B in Capri yesterday and he replied “Looks like Avalon.”

Cue hooded glare at mobile screen.

Does a woman who has trekked 1.5km with her luggage and two kids to Rome Termini train station, negotiated the extremely vague departures board, travelled to Naples, survived a very hairy cab ride to the ferry wharf and dashed onto the Capri ferry with seconds to spare want to hear that her destination looks the same as the one she left at home?

No she does not.

To be honest, the sea view from the balcony of our B&B isn’t dazzling, but the rest of the coastline is gobsmackingly gorgeous. DD had to admit the follow-up  shot I sent from our cab ride to Anacapri was pretty incredible.

Anacapri itself is lovely, all narrow winding streets and boutiques and open-air restaurants.

Eating out will bankrupt me though – every main meal is around 10-15 euros which means every dining experience leaves me around $70 poorer once drinks are added in. Ouch.

(Speaking of ouch, I will also be bankrupted by my reno – the builder has discovered a 100-year-old hot water service perched on the wall I’m having removed that still supplies all my hot water. That ain’t gonna be cheap to replace.)

Our B&B is sister to a hotel down the road so we headed there after a bit of window shopping and gelato for a splash in its pool.

Well, the youngest had a splash, I somehow managed to forget my swimmers and the eldest has entered into an emo skulk-in-the-shadows phase.

The view from the hotel was so insanely beautiful, I decided it needed to be toasted with wine, which was served by the bucket-glass so I was very cheery afterwards.

Dinner was regulation pizza and pasta. I’m already pizza weary after only three days, but there isn’t a huge amount of choice if you don’t have the budget for seafood.

Today we’re off to the Blue Grotto. I’m trying to convince the youngest that a 40-minute walk will be much more fun than a bus ride … So far she’s not buying it. Damn.

Here are some happy snaps from our day:


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