Things are perking up

Oh woe is me… I moaned to everyone on Tuesday …I had to go to Glass Brasserie at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel yesterday for Australia’s Wine List of the Year Awards. It sounds glamorous, but it was a bit stressful … I was social media-ing it for the drinks association and didn’t get the chance to sip ANY of the sexy wines being served up.

Geez I’m a wanker sometimes. Poor Princess Me.

Life got even harder yesterday when I had to tough it out at the 2016 Sydney Royal Wine Show Trophy Winners Lunch.

It was absolute hell having to sample all the wines that won trophys at the Sydney Royal Wine Show, totally nightmarish.

Oh, and they were paired with Champion and Gold Medallist produce from Sydney Royal Fine Food and Cheese & Dairy Produce Shows.

Oh, and it was held at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Oh, and I was surrounded by the Who’s Who of the Australian wine industry.

I’m really not sure how much more of this harrowing new job I can take …

The only real downside on both occasions is that I’ve been on mum duty afterwards. I mean, I love being on mum duty normally, but it kinda gets in the way of sampling the produce.

I had to decorously sip all the wines instead of giving them a red hot go. They were DELICIOUS so it was very tricky showing restraint.

The NV Morris Wines Old Premium Rare Liqueur Topaque is a particular sentimental favourite, as my ex-husband’s parents live in Albury and I’ve spent many the happy afternoon wine tasting in the area.

I had to leave yesterday’s festivities early – which looked like they were going to continue for a VERY long time – to take the youngest to netball and the eldest to music lessons.

Back to the real world.

Here are some happy snaps from my day:

Song of the day: Linda Ronstadt “Poor, poor pitiful me”


4 thoughts on “Things are perking up

  1. Yeah, that’s a pretty tough gig, alright!
    Hang in there, you’ll get the hang of it, eventually!
    Cheers! 🙄🍷🍹🍾🍸

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