Letting the sunshine in

I was pretty bleary when DD’s alarm went off at 5.30am so we could do a 6am F45 class together.

I stayed at his place the night before – I couldn’t really come at the 5am wake-up required to get to the class from my house.

It’s very, very quiet at DD’s place, so I had a bit of trouble sleeping. I’m used to the buzz of traffic.

F45 wasn’t as harrowing as I thought it would be. Apparently we went to the easiest class of the week. A few of DD’s mates also turned up to give it a go. He’s getting himself quite the community up there.

I love that.

Afterwards, the blokes melted away and we drove to the cliff to watch the sun rise. There’s a combi van sitting in the carpark that’s been turned into a coffee cart – DD bought me a coffee and a bacon and egg wrap and gently reminded me to take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise, not just photograph and Instagram it.

Then he drove to a more secluded cliff-top spot for another view of the gorgeousness.

All too soon it was time to jump in the car and hoon to work.

As for trying to schedule yesterday’s blog in advance … that sooooo didn’t work. Maybe it’s on US east coast time or something.

A couple of friends said sweet things about my sunrise therapy break, like “I would have to be really, really, REALLY in love to get up and watch a sun rise ;).”

And they might be right.

But, come on, check out how divine it is!

Though my efforts don’t come close to this amazing shot DD took a few weeks ago …


Song of the day: U2 “Beautiful Day”

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