Mother’s Day 2016 … celebrity style

How’s your Mother’s Day been? I’m just back from a lovely relaxed day at my sister’s place, chitter chattering, eating delicious food and sipping Prosecco.

The kids gave me some gorgeous, thoughtful gifts and the youngest contributed a meringue tower to the feast. DD gave her a kit for Christmas and she finally got around to making it. It was sprinkled in gold dust and everything … Fancy!

She kept rejecting photos I took of her showing off the tower. I eventually discovered why: she’s embarrassed by the dark circles under her eyes from her allergies. Poor little lamb. She finally gave one the thumbs up after I put a filter on it that hid them a bit.


The eldest, on the other hand, was still so, so sick. I had to take a rain check on my ex’s offer of a Mother’s Day yum cha lunch – the only place my poor daughter was going was bed.

Here’s how the stars have celebrated. There will be a heap more photos tomorrow when it ticks over to Mother’s Day in Hollywood, so stay tuned (if you’re so inclined, I know lots of you aren’t)


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