Totally loved up

There’s been some pretty heavy stuff on the blog recently, so I’m lightening things up to give you a break from the big issues.

And it doesn’t get much lighter than how you feel when you are loved.

Sure, I have my wobbles, I need to work the whole career thing out and my husband leaving totally sucked, but … the rest of my life is pretty bloody great.

I have the most divine kids, who fill my life with hugs and laughter. The three of us are such a happy unit in our little home together. When we laze around watching tellie with our two fur balls after dinner it’s just so … my family. I will miss them when they become cool, independent teens.

Oh, and the little home is fab too, in its own understated way. It’s such a nice feeling to have something that’s all mine and not dependent on the vagaries of the rental property market. Sure, there’s a constant roar of traffic from the busy street, but double-glazing will fix that one day (although, as a friend pointed out, all the cars will be electric in a few years and my house will be a) much quieter and b) worth a fortune).

My wonderful friends make sure I’m doing OK, send messages of support and cook me dinner or make me a cuppa when they know I’m alone. They listen patiently to my endless dramas and offer lovely advice.

I live just five minutes drive from my sister and her hubby, who set another place for dinner when they know I need a friendly face and soothe my soul with a glass of champers in their spa.

I was convinced no man would ever love me again after my marriage break up. I felt very “Fat, Forty and Fired.” Yet, just six months later, I met DD. Thank you universe (or should that be RSVP?).

There’s been so much smiling since then. Sure, middle-aged dating has its hiccups, but our relationship constantly reminds me what happiness feels like.

To be honest, I’d forgotten.

Then there are all the little things I love, such as splashing in the surf and taking photographs and eating dumplings and watching Doctor Who and planning crazy ways to make my kids’ childhood a bit magical.

I also have my blog, which can be a scary beast sometimes, but its given me so much succor over the years. HouseGoesHome has been my rock during the hard times. I’ve met so many wonderful people through it and it’s been a brilliant vehicle to improve my writing (which was pretty crappy at the start). I wish it could be my job, but it’s very hard to make money from a blog.

As for the career thing, I’m looking for something to throw myself into just as passionately as I approach every other part of my life. I can’t wait to find that missing piece of the puzzle. I wonder what it will be?

My life has been turned upside down and inside out over the past few years. If I’d been asked to predict five years ago what I’d be doing now I’d have been sooooooooo far off the mark.

I wonder what the next five years hold?

My prediction: fun.

Tell me some of the things you love.

Song of the day: Bruce Springsteen “Tunnel of love”










4 thoughts on “Totally loved up

    • During winter at my grandmother’s I’d crochet knee rugs for myself as I watched tellie … I’ve kept one and given it to the fur babies, possibly not the most sensible move.

  1. I’m with Michelle – bring on the cool weather when I can snuggle under the doona and we can have the fire going in the loungeroom. While I love crocheting I don’t like crocheted blankets – go figure !!
    Footy also makes me happy – especially when we win.
    Have a wonderful day and the best weekend xox

    • I’m with you – snuggling under a doona is pretty fabulous. Unfortunately no one wants to snuggle with me when I have a cold because I snore like industrial machinery.

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