The old dog learns some new tricks

I looked after an art gallery yesterday. Fancy that! The owner was going away for the weekend and asked if I could lend a hand.

Ooooh yes!

I was a bit freaked out by the idea of operating an Eftpos machine rather just sticking my card in one – there’s something new for the CV – but otherwise I was pretty pumped.

Northbridge School of the Arts has a classroom upstairs for art classes, a few rooms for art showings downstairs and an adjoining space that can be used for pop-up events.

The place has a lovely, peaceful feel to it and it was a pleasure spending the day there, especially since I’ve always fantasised about having a shop or small business of some sort.

I had some lovely chats with people who dropped off their kids’ sculptures to be fired or bought something from the cool pop-up kids’ clothing store at the gallery – called French Soda – or just had a look around.

I’d have enjoyed it even more if I hadn’t been poorly. I always get crook as Rookwood when I stop working (geez I was ill when I left ACP Magazines after 20 years on the job), probably because I’m so bull-at-a-gate when I am working. I also helped out on a project for three days last week that involved being up at 5.30am, which means my hyper brain activated at around 4.30am …

So I’ve been surviving on less than 5 hours sleep a night. Not ideal and hardly surprising that I’m now crook.

And then there was the small matter of not being able to use the Eftpos machine because I’d accidentally unplugged it without realising … So much for the old dog, new tricks thing …

Ah well, here’s a virtual-ish photographic tour of the place for you …


POSTSCRIPT: After I hauled my tired ass home from work and cooked dinner, I decided to have a soak in the bath. Hot water poured, I went to get my phone from the lounge room and realised the hall door wouldn’t open. Handle mechanism stuffed. Sob. After frantic rattling and attempts to unscrew it, I called a school dad and begged for help. Bless him, he was there within five minutes. Thank you, Israel!

Ages and AGES later, we finally got the lock out of the door. Bloody cheap Bunnings handles … have learned my lesson. NOT the way I hoped to spend a sickly Friday night. But pretty par for the course. Bath water was cold too. Blah!



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