My bizarre universe

Well, bugger me! It turns out the character from Avalon Now IS based on the school dad.

I’m totally blitzed to know someone who’s been played by Richard Roxburgh on the small screen, especially after being assured by his wife that he hasn’t accidentally killed anyone on the Spanish border.

And apparently he stars in an episode of the show WITH Richard next season. Cooooool!

In case you missed yesterday’s blog, here’s the episode again …



The news about the school dad/Avalon Now connection totally made my day. My sweaty, harrowing gym class flew past as I giggled over the smallness of the world.

It also reminded me about the freaky concidental incidents that characterise my life.

As previously noted in Too Freaking Weird, they’re a bit of a specialty of mine.

Like the time my phone rang in an airport departure lounge and a friend announced: “Did you just walk past me at Gate 55?”

Yep. We were on the same flight to Brisbane. Totally randomly.

A few months prior, I’d had a freaky airport encounter with my ex. I was coming back from Brissie, he was heading to Tassie. He thought I was stalking him, but it was pure, crazy chance.

Then there was the time I ran up the back of a school dads’ car on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. That was awkward.

And the moment I mentioned I was going to Los Angeles over the weekend for work and a friend goggled and said “me too!” (We ended up drinking champagne together in his ritzy Beverley Hills hotel, bulk fun.)

I also find it a bit cray-cray that two women I worked with at Cosmopolitan magazine 15 years ago have kids who attend the same school as mine. What are the odds of that outside the Eastern Suburbs?

And that a mum from the youngest’s kindy class turns out to be the sister of a girl I worked with 20 years ago at Studio Magazine. Oh and that I used to hang with their brother at sweaty parties in my twenties.

Things got REALLY weird when the kindy mum visited an old friend of hers in Newcastle, who talked about two lovely little girls (with the same names as my kids) who spent the day at the beach with him the previous weekend. The kindy mum asked if, by chance, their mother was called Alana … Ah yes, she was. And her old friend is also my old friend.

Then there’s the just plain weirdness that follows me around, as noted in Another One Of Life’s Little Surprises

Stuff like the budgie washing up at my feet on Maroubra Beach, the pig running past me in a suburban street, the prawn escaping my favourite yum cha restaurant, the bloke I saw dragging a giant cross down Lane Cove Road when I was driving back from jail one time …

I think it might be a sign from the universe that I need to go with the flow and accept destiny wants me to live a life less ordinary.

It’s pretty bumpy, but it comes in handy when you write a blog.

Got any freaky coincidences of your own to share?

Song of the day: Doris Day “Que Sera Sera”









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  1. When I was 18 I visited Japan. Went up country, beautiful area, very secluded, as off-the-beaten-track as you can get in Japan. And met someone from Midwest US. Got talking and realised we had three friends in common. That was weird.

  2. There’s the start of a new book! “Too Freaking Weird”!
    These happen to me ALL the time…I believe I am related to Kevin Bacon, by six degrees! 🙄👍

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