Creepy old people

I was startled by a brekkie radio segment last week, which asked listens to reveal stuff that shouldn’t bug them, but does.

Some terse young thing revealed her pet hate: people over 30 who go to night clubs.

She thought it was creepy and said surely at that age they could find some other way to entertain themselves.

Over 30!

Wow, there’s a reality check.

Thirty year olds seem so youthful to me.

Yet according to the terse young thing they’re icky degenerates. Does she think they’re only hanging around in nightclubs to prey on “young” people?

Well, maybe some of them are.

Anyways … imagine how old I must seem to the terse young thing.

I wonder what she thinks are acceptable pursuits for 48 year olds? Crochet and bingo?

I miss dancing in nightclubs.

I don’t miss how late you had to stay up to do it. But I miss the dancing.

Every now and then I get the chance to dance at a party and it’s such a joyful experience. But it’s pretty rare.




I had bulk fun at something called Hot Dub Time Machine last year. I wrote a blog about it called Hot, Sticky Mess.

In a nutshell, Hot Dub Time Machine is “the world’s first travelling dance party.” As the website explains: “Songs are played in “strict” chronological order from 1954 to 2015 with enormous mashed visuals all scratched live from vinyl turntables.”

It turns out my Maroubra mates looooooove Hot Dub and are mad keen to go again. The bloke who does it has a gig in Enmore in July.

I’m thinking about it … just as long as my wrinkles don’t offend the other patrons and make them feel uncomfortable …

I expect the terse young thing doesn’t think people over 30 should go to dance parties either.

Ah, bugger the terse young thing, she’s a killjoy.

I think it’s weird when under 30s dance to ’80s music, so there!

Song of the day:  Nena “99 Luftballons”





12 thoughts on “Creepy old people

  1. I particularly love it when my 10yo daughters ask me about the olden days! I tell them that my life isn’t that olden! And with that I turn the music up and sing which makes them groan especially when I dance apparently it’s daggy mum dancing!

    Not sure how I went from being waved into all the local night spots, dancing on bars, being serenaded on bars (a la top gun style by a footy team!) to daggy mum dancing! I am certain I was never going to be a daggy mum but it seems it is simply part of becoming a mum!

  2. You keep dancing Alana! I’m right there with you… (well in spirit, because I’m in Canberra. Still dancing.) Don’t worry about that killjoy. She simply doesn’t have our perspective – she’ll get it one day.
    I just asked my 8 year old if I’m daggy when I dance and he said, “a bit”. So yes. Having said that, my son knows all the 80s and 90s hits because that’s all I play in the car. He thinks it’s contemporary music.

    • Thanks Alex! I need to get myself a logo, I reckon, but its a move in the right direction. My daughter is the same – loves the old songs I play. She gets so blissed out when Queen or David Bowie play on the radio

  3. Maybe that’s a direction that nightclubs could take. Open up early for a matinee session expressly for the over 30s. No late nights. No offending precious 20-somethings and still all the fun of the fair.

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