My sweet birthday celebration

Turning 48 wasn’t too shabby after all!

I had some lieu time up my sleeve from work, so I ducked up to DD’s neck of the woods for a few hours by the beach yesterday.

DD was offering fancy brekkie options, but I just wanted a BLT at a little outdoor cafe beside the sand in Bilgola.

Fortunately the rain held off as we sat looking out at the sea.

He’s had a Topsy Turvy Land few weeks himself, so we gave ourselves a caffeine boost by chugging back two flat whites each.

I’m really getting into this coffee thing he’s hooked me on. I even ordered a macchiato at lunch earlier this week and felt SO grown up.

I was intent on a swim after brekkie, but DD didn’t think the surf was up to scratch at Bilgola, so we headed to Avalon for a dip instead.

Appropriately for St Patrick’s Day, the water was FULL of green seaweed. But I enjoyed my splash anyway.

Then it was back to the grindstone at work before dropping over to my sister’s pad for schnitzel, champagne, cake and spa time.

Love me a bit of spa time, especially if it involves French champagne (thank you DD’s mum!).

Here are some happy snaps …




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