Happy birthday to meeeeeeee!

The vibe I'd been hoping to rock for DD's birthday ...


Yesterday was pretty typical of how things have been rolling for me lately … a bit like Topsy Turvy Land from The Faraway Tree.

I was thrilled when two of my stories went totally off at Kidspot and I enjoyed a brilliant lunch with two old colleagues.

Then it all came crashing down when I had a MASSIVE brawl with a parking cop outside the eldest’s school.

The parking cop accused me of gesturing to the eldest to get in the car illegally at a bus stop.

I. Did. Not!

There was NO gesturing. None! When I realised it was a bus stop, I turned the corner, did a three-point turn in a nearby street and returned to the legal pick-up zone, where I was accosted by the narky parking cop.

Thanks for turning my smile upside down AMANDA.

I possibly became a little too incandescent at Amanda’s accusation, as I’m a little lacking resilience right now.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a belated ticket in the mail for my impertinence.

I am normally very nice to parking cops, as I know they’re only doing their horrible jobs. But DON’T call me a liar. And DON’T give my daughter the third degree about whether her mother is lying.

Yep, Amanda really did that.

Then the youngest started sobbing in my arms following her appointment with an allergy specialist about her adenoids. Not because they’re threatening to remove the pesky things, but because her dad wouldn’t let her go with him (on a very, very last minute trip) to get me a birthday present because her homework wasn’t finished.

I felt sooooo shattered when she left, my dress damp with her tears.

Cue the mother guilt that her homework fail was due to me taking her camping for three days.

Poor little Pook. Please don’t cry about my birthday present.

Speaking of presents … People have been asking what I want as a gift and I can’t think of a single thing.

You can’t buy me an easier life at a department store and gift wrap it.

I don’t need things right now.

I thought I’d have it all worked out by the time I turned 48.

But I don’t.

Fortunately, as a stranger who’d only spend a few minutes with me noted earlier this week, I’m pragmatic.

Very. Resolutely. Bloody. Pragmatic.

And committed to dusting myself off and seeking joy.

So I wake this morning determined to embrace my 48th birthday and fill it with laughter and fun.

I’ll tackle the tough realities again tomorrow.

Today is about love.

No matter how crappy the other stuff gets, I’m very blessed in that department.

(And at least I’m not my mum, who is celebrating my birthday by having a knee replacement this morning. Woot!)

Song of the day: Donna Summer “I Feel Love”











10 thoughts on “Happy birthday to meeeeeeee!

  1. Wishing you the bestest birthday!!!!! Sorry but I think the ex is an arse! What parent punishes their child like that urgh that annoys me (sorry ex if you read this) and primary school homework is honestly meaningless Im a teacher and truly it makes no one iota of difference to outcomes.

    Anyway off my little high horse seriously Amanda the parking lady don’t quiz a child! Oh you had it all didn’t you! Today WILL be a better day it just has to be. Sending your mum lots of healing love.

    Have an amazing birthday I know it will be!

    • I didn’t know you were a teacher, Cathy! Parenting is filled with hard choices, I’m not always above reproach. I had the eldest in tears at Nookfest when I yelled at her for being disorganised. I felt like such a heel.

      • Oh my parenting is terrible I try hard but make tons and tons of mistakes, and usually get cross about the silly things that don’t matter and find myself quite rational about the big things. Yes Ive been lots of things but don’t teach anymore in fact I barely taught at all. I left teaching 6mths after having a replica gun pointed at me when I finally broke down about that. I taught for about two years all up I’m a high school teacher by training … I thought it would be a good job for a mum I didn’t factor in I’d be around kids all day xo

  2. Happy Birthday !!! I hope you have a wonderful and day !!!
    And like Char said – I’m 50 and I’m still trying to work it out so you aren’t alone and I’ve had 2 (nearly 3) years longer than you to try to figure it out.

  3. Happy birthday! I would like to give you all the best luck possible and hope your life become more content and easy. I’d be happy with boring myself. At least it’s all good fodder for the book I suppose. An easy life won’t spark a best seller.
    I feel sorry for her that she wasn’t allowed to go and get your present though. Not very fair on his part.
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

    • She’s bounced back from her tears and was very happy with the presents chosen without her. Thank you for the birthday wishes – content and easy sounds lovely.

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