Loved up in Lake Tahoe

I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere as beautiful as Lake Tahoe.

It was soooooooo gorgeous it took my breath away … or perhaps it was the -8C temperatures?

Let’s stick with it being the scenery.

I wasn’t very chirpy prior to my arrival. We got up at 4am in Savannah to catch our two flights to Reno (the closest airport we could find with flights to Tahoe).

DD reckons his favourite photograph of me EVER is the one he took on the plane of me looking 500 years old and very grumpy. It makes him laugh every time he looks at it.

I don’t know what that says about our relationship.

It was fairly harrowing to arrive at Reno after two three-hour plane flights and discover it was still only 11am in the morning, with a whole day stretching out ahead of us. But we gamely headed to a local Indian buffet for an early lunch to sustain ourselves on the next leg of our journey.

Reno is a butt-ugly place, but driving up into the mountains from it was divine.

I’m talking fairytale gorgeous, with all the pine tree covered in snow. As we crested the mountains, Lake Tahoe sparkled below us and we were dazzled.

We had a wonderful three days there, staying at the Grand Hyatt. Again, fancy hotel, but a pretty good room rate for the level of accommodation, especially considering the weak Aussie dollar, at around $250AUS a night (especially when split two ways).

Aside from being gobsmacked by the scenery and taking hundreds of photographs of it, we were jazzed by sitting a spa in the snow at our hotel – as the steam swirled around us and the stars twinkled overhead – and by going snowmobiling for two hours in the forest. DD also spent a day skiing at Heavenly Mountain while I shopped and saw a movie.

We would return to Lake Tahoe in a heartbeat.

Another 15 out of 10 from the AH & DD team.

It was such a happy place for us.

Song of the day: Frank Sinatra “All the way”


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