Valentine’s Day REALLY doesn’t agree with me

I was moaning about something crappy that happened around mid-February last year to a friend when she replied: “The downside to your blog is that your remember these dates.”

Ironically, the crappy thing that I was moaning about WASN’T on my blog. But while searching for my Doctor Who Valentine’s Day post to put on Facebook this morning I came across a few really shite things that have happened around Valentine’s Day that WERE on my blog that I’d forgotten until I started trawling.

This time last year I noted it  was “Unhappy Anniversary time – one year since my husband announced he was leaving me. And I celebrated by miscarrying my Mirena. I possibly didn’t explain what a Mirena was properly [leading some people to think I’d been with child] it’s a plastic thing that was in my uterus to try and mitigate some of my lady plumbing problems and it came out rather traumatically. I didn’t have an actual miscarriage. When I went to see my gyno, he got very giggly about my old eggs and their inability to bear fruit. I gave him a VERY stern look.”

My ex actually got the keys to his new apartment – three days after announcing he was leaving me, he moved FAST – on Valentine’s Day 2013. Soooo romantic.

And Valentine’s Day 2015 hasn’t been off to the best of starts. I’ve spent it sponging shite off my dog’s butt (time for a butt shave sonny boy) and having a cup of tea with my ex during kid hand over.

The only way is up.

How’s your day going? Are you celebrating the big V?

Song of the day: The Beatles “All you need is love”



3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day REALLY doesn’t agree with me

Add yours

  1. I can’t put on line just how bad my day is.
    It’s nice you can have a cup of tea with your ex, although not really what you want to be doing, I can get that.

    Oh and rubber gloves are mighty handy for the doggie bottom cleaning.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear you had a crappy day on Sunday Elise. And I will definitely need to invest in some rubber gloves. I was out in the laundry on butt-sponging duty again last night. Blerk.

  2. Isn’t VD an excuse for retailers to jack up the price of anything that they think is romantic? We never really celebrate it because it’s just so commercial.

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