Slipping up in St Augustine

Remember the time I accidentally booked myself and my ex-hubby into a disabled motel called The Wheels Resort for holiday?

Extra-spacious bathrooms and a nice, handy ramp into the pool, but a bit shag-on-a-rocky rather than shag-a-lotty.

Well, it happened again, this time with DD, in a little Florida town called St Augustine.

Disabled bathrooms may be practical, but they’re not super romantic when you’re able-bodied … especially when you’ve spent the previous three days bubble bathing at the Ritz Carlton.

My second slip-up in St Augustine was to take the advice of a twentysomething waitress at a chain restaurant in Orlando about where we should dine in the town.

She insisted Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille was THE place to go.

So I dragged DD there. It was packed with people and had a really cool looking outdoor courtyard. So we put our names down on the waiting list for a table. When one came up, we ordered my obsession: crab cakes.

Massive disappointment.

They were dopplegangers for those fish cakes you get in corner takeaways that sell Chiko rolls.


It’s a pity, because the restaurant scene showed so much potential when we pulled into St Augustine at dusk after our day at the Kennedy Space Center.

The town is the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement in the United States. It was founded in 1565, by Spanish admiral and Florida’s first governor, Pedro Menéndez de Avilés.

Blah, blah, history lesson, blah, blah … What that means is it’s filled with beautiful Spanish buildings, all draped in fairylights as a modern touch for tourists.

I am a sucker for fairylights. I wanted my wedding to be festooned with them, but there was a mix up with the lighting blokes and I only got a meagre few strings. Sigh.

So when we drove into St Augustine’s seaside historic district I was dazzled.

After dinner, we wandered up and down a few streets checking the place out, but we were pretty knackered by all our rocket viewing from earlier in the day, so we headed to our hotel and pouted at the bathroom.

Next morning we headed over the dunes across the road to wander on my first Atlantic ocean beach.

Not a patch on Oz, but still lovely to get some sea air.

Then we checked out the famous, gorgeous St Augustine Lighthouse, drove past some other historic spots in the town, got the most dazzlingly strong coffee from a local French patisserie called Les Petits Pleasures and hit the road. Wow, I talked a lot that morning as I surfed my caffeine high.

(Actually, DD was quite dazzled every morning by the way I’d start chattering from the moment my eyelids popped open, whether caffeine was involved or not. I’m not really one of those people who ease into a day.)

I could have done with a day in St Augustine, but we were on our metal to get to our next stop, Savannah.

More about that tomorrow.

In the meantime, some St Augustine happy snaps …






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  1. There is nothing more disappointing than really looking forward to something to discover that it really wasn’t nearly worth it at all. You clearly had a fab time though!

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