Feelin’ hot, hot, hot

Far out it’s been hot this week in Sydney.

I had all these plans for cleaning the house and organising my life, but I just lay limply on the couch.

The kids and I wanly watch TV while an inadequate $10 fan faintly breezes us.

Around 3pm every afternoon I text my sister and ask if we can crash her pool while she’s at work.

My sister has the most awesome pool area.

DD describes the spa as one of his “happy places.” Especially when my sister and her husband are sitting in it, drinking prosecco and having a laugh with us.

By yesterday afternoon, the week’s accumulated heat made the spa feel like you’d turned the gas on – it was very tropical. But still a relief.

The pool area is also SUCH a cool space for taking photographs, I’ve been very snap happy this week.

Here are some of my favourite photos of fun moments we’ve enjoyed in it recently …


Has it been hot around your way?

Have a great weekend. I’m taking a few days off from blogging.

Catch you next week!

Song of the day: Billy Idol “Hot in the city”

6 thoughts on “Feelin’ hot, hot, hot

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  1. Alana

    Is that one of your girls in a star on the bottom of the pool? Is she a gymnast? She looks like she has amazing strength and muscles in her legs!

    Wow what an amazing pool! Lucky you that you have one you can use actually it is the best kind of pool you get all the fun with none of the cost or responsibility. I wanted to by a house with a pool a few years ago and my dad talked me out of it very quickly when he explained how much the running costs were for essentially 3mths a year (maybe a little bit more every now and then!) That was enough to turn me off lol.

    hope you have a great weekend. I am praying that it pours with rain all night because we have cricket in the morning for all three kids (thankfully 2 play in the same team!) but if it isn’t raining that means it’s on and I am struggling big time being the drama queen that I am with my broken tooth while I having a constant panic attack between now and monday when I get it taken out in theatre. The surgeon said it will be a fairly straightforward but complicated surgery! I think he was saying he has done lots but mine is particularly complicated? In the meantime I am in heaps of pain and exhausted from the pain and constant panic attack! So rain would mean no cricket at least for my daughters so we could stay home and then my 14yo son and hubby will wait around forever praying the rain goes away so that they can play son in the morning and hubby in the afternoon. All the while living on lukewarm soup and soggy bread cause that is all I can eat!

    C xoxo

    1. You poor thing – I meant to ask how the hideous operation went. I hope you recover quickly. Yes that’s my daughter in the pool – she’s a gymnast and skipper and very, very fit

      1. It was ridiculously hideous! I now have a shocking infection in the socket and my throat so now voice and in a stupid amount of pain I thought it would be getting better by now but he dislocated my jaw and I have stitches in the tooth socket and side of my tongue and now half of my mouth is full of ulcers plus my throat feels like I swallowed razor blades! Seriously I am the world’s biggest sook and drama queen!

        Two of three off at school today can’t wait until tomorrow no kids home!!!

      2. You poor thing. I still remember looking like Mr Potato Head after having my wisdom teeth out under anaesthetic. I was black and blue from my chest up and could only open my mouth a millimetre because of all the torn muscles. Blah. Get better soon

  2. It’s been vile up in Brisbane. You wake up and it feels like you’re walking through a wet blanket of warm air. And then it just gets hotter. I hate summer!

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