All my fave moments from Golden Globes 2016

I want to say fun things about the Golden Globes, but all I can think about is David Bowie dying.

I was so stunned when DD told me, just before we went out to dinner with friends. I was gutted. David Bowie CAN’T be dead. He just can’t.

I have never seen such a collective outpouring of grief on my Facebook news feed or Instagram as accompanied the news of Bowie’s death.

He touched so many lives with his music.

My eldest daughter – age 12 – has two Bowie T-shirts. She especially loves the Space Oddity stuff.

Cancer is a bastard. I hate it.

But this post is supposed to be about the Golden Globes.

Pssssst, confession, I haven’t seen the telecast. But the Instagram posts were pretty cool. Here are my picks from the evening …

(RIP David Bowie. You were unique. And a musical genius. And the world is a smaller place without you.)

Song of the day: David Bowie “Major Tom”


2 thoughts on “All my fave moments from Golden Globes 2016

  1. Look at Lazarus, Bowie’s last clip from his final album, Blackstar. Still amazing, right up to the end. And a cheekie title. Cancer is a bastard.

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