Sofia Vergara has given me wedding envy

Say what you like about the hideous death spiral that ended of my marriage, there’s no denying the beginning was BRILLIANT.

I decreed there would be none of the traditional frippery – no frothy wedding dress, no wedding cake, no wedding cars, no bridesmaids, no sit-down meal, no wedding video.

But I wore a custom-made Collette Dinnigan dress identical to the one Kylie Minogue donned for the cover of Cosmpolitan magazine … well, except about 50 sizes bigger. I’d admired it during the photo shoot, back in the days when Kylie and I were likethis … OK, not really, but we did enjoy an intimate dinner together once.

FullSizeRender (86)

My favourite band, Karma County, sang “Oleanna” as I walked down the “aisle” – a gap between the guests in a whitewashed photographic studio on Sydney’s Broadway.

My favourite food – nibbles – circulated the room, including noodle and fish & chip boxes.

The champagne flowed and it was generally agreed to be one of the bulkest fun weddings EVER.

There was just one thing I regretted (other than neglecting to book a cab to take me there): the paltry display of fairylights.

I wanted fairylights to festoon the room so it looked like some sort of magical wonderland.

All I got were a few meager strings – the lighting blokes made a mistake with the order.


There were no such stuff ups at Sofia Vergara’s wedding. As far as I can tell, she got every single moment of her fairytale when she married Joe Manganiello over the weekend.

The couple tied the knot during an extravagant ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida. The ceremony space was decorated in floor to ceiling white roses, orchids and hydrangeas and the reception décor followed suit with tons of pink flowers.

The aisle, well, it just floors me. So, so beautiful.

I resisted showing you the photos yesterday, but as she posted even more on Instagram shots I just had to package them up on the blog.

I wish Sofia and Joe much happiness. Well, as much happiness as a Hollywood marriage can offer. They’re not usually known for their longevity, unless you’re Kevin Bacon or Paul Newman.

Here’s hoping Joe is another Kevin or Paul.

I love a happy ending.

4 thoughts on “Sofia Vergara has given me wedding envy

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  1. Wow! Too be totally honest your wedding sounds waaayyyyy more funner! and with all those flowers I would have forgotten to take an antihistamine and would have sneezed my way down that aisle!

  2. Far out: that aisle, I actually gasped. Breathtaking. I was too stingey to order chair covers at my wedding but then I regretted it. Those chairs at the State Library needed covers! I love your wedding pic.

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