That time I got plastered on a tram

My week feels OUT. OF. CONTROL.

I was supposed to see DD last night, but reluctantly cancelled because I don’t know how I’ll get things sorted if I don’t clear some space in the calendar.

Well, to be honest, DD needed some space in his calendar for the same reason, so he’d probably have cancelled on me if I hadn’t gotten in first.

I still have two days of work ahead, I’m taking the eldest for a haircut this afternoon, I’m heading with the kids to a friend’s birthday weekend in the Hunter Valley straight after school tomorrow, the house is filthy and needs to be cleaned before my dear dogsitter Glenn arrives, and I need to make and take a platter of something with a tapas theme to the birthday.

The tapas thing has been doing my head in for days (well, mainly nights, between the hours of 10pm and midnight as I toss and turn in bed). Why? Because I’m hopeless like that. I’ve decided to make pesto tarts, which has segued into fretting about whether they are too Italian for tapas.

Throw into the mix a few issues with getting a car loan and, well, I’m a teensy bit basket-casey.

Anxiety levels are high and blog ideas are low, so I figured this post made a fitting following up to my reminisce about The Wee Tree.

You see, 13 years ago this month I got plastered on a tram.

I was even interviewed by  B&T about it. Or maybe they just regurgitated the press release. I can’t remember.

Ah, my 15 minutes of fame.

This is what B&T had to say: “Woman’s Day has developed a strategic campaign designed to boost its presence in Melbourne which involves redecorating a tram every week with the cover of the latest issue of the weekly magazine.

“Of the title’s circulation of 540,018, metropolitan Melbourne contributes 16.3%.”

“The Melbourne market is hugely important to circulation and readership,” ACP group marketing manager Kate Grant said.

“We conducted an econometrics study with George Patterson Bates and developed findings about the brand and the product.

“What we discovered is that Melbourne didn’t have the same loyalty and brand perception [as Sydney], so we have been doing more visual activity.”


The “visual activity” was putting me on the side of a tram. I know, I don’t quite understand the logic either.

I mean, HELLO? How is that going to sell more magazines???

However, I said something dull and marketing speaky in the article: “This campaign is an investment in the Melbourne market for the brand, utilising an intrinsic part of the community and lifestyle.”



I should have added: “Oh my gawd, I’m on the side of a tram! Take THAT, Carrie Bradshaw!”

Much more entertaining.

When I originally wrote about the tram incident back in 2012, the youngest saw the photo and almost wet herself with excitement. Her exactish words were: “That looks like you.”

“It IS me,” I replied.

“You were on a tram? Really? On the side of a real tram? But you’re not famous!”

Then she proceeded to shout excitedly to her sister to come and look at not-famous mummy on the side of a tram.

It was very entertaining.

(See, I told you I was infamous, DD.)

Actually, I was plastered on a train last night … ah, that’s a whole other story …

Song of the day: Sheryl Crowe “All I wanna do”


5 thoughts on “That time I got plastered on a tram

  1. Too funny I actually clicked on this thinking that you had gotten drunk on a tram lol. I was hoping for some salacious story about you drinking someone famous under the table but instead you meant that they stuck (plastered) your face on the side of a tram. To be honest both of them would make me physically ill … the alcohol version because well my liver doesn’t like alcohol anymore at all and well having my face out there like that so publicly would be enough for me to give up on life and find a cave high upon a mountain top to hide from the world. That is as long as I could have a constant stream of chocolate, running hot and cold water, a flushing toilet and wifi in my mountain top cave (well and tv and a nice comfy bed and my dogs!)

    Have a great if not busy weekend. Hopefully when you get to where you are going you can sit and take in some time for you or at least enjoy the time you are spending with your friend and don’t worry about the state of the house or the car loan they will all fall into place. I am sure that DD understands demands of time on a very busy single mum and will be happy to enjoy the time he can spend with you. Better to cancel and then spend some nice quality time together at a later time than cram in a date for you to only be half there with your mind worrying about all the other things.

    love & hugs
    Cathy xoxo

  2. Well you HAVE seen the Melbourne sights….and the traffic! Well kind of I suppose! 😄👍
    I do have a vague memory of this tram because my ex and our friends were involved in magazine and newspaper advertising at that time. So there you go…small world!

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