Sweet dreams, make waves, find bliss


You know how little things start to irritate you about a long-term partner. Chewing too loudly, for example.

One of those abrasive traits for my ex was my love for Neil Finn.

My ex HATES Neil Finn’s music.

I asked for tickets to a Neil Finn concert as my final Christmas gift as a couple. I didn’t know it was my final Christmas gift as a couple.

I presumed my ex – who was still my current at the time – would accompany me. The look of horror on his face was quite something. Oh no, he said with disgust, I’m not going with you, you’ll have to find someone else. 

His antipathy towards Neil Finn grew as his love for me diminished. When he still loved me he had a rocking good time at a Neil Finn concert. Listening to an audience of 10,000 people sing “Better be home soon” is hard to hate.

DD doesn’t think Neil Finn is much chop either. He finds him too nasal. Ever since he mentioned it I find him a little nasal too. But I love him – and DD – anyway.

I’ve been playing the Crowded House Intriguer album in the car recently.

It has a lovely refrain in it: “Sweet dreams, make waves, find bliss.” The song itself is a bit maudlin and has confusing bits about drunk people and elephants.

But I’ve decided Neil has totally summed up my hopes for my kids in that line.

Don’t you reckon it’s the perfect outcome for your offspring? To have sweet dreams, make waves and find bliss?

I will be so thrilled if that’s what they do with their lives.

In the meantime I’m taking them to the Hunter Valley for the weekend.

And I’m giving myself two days off from blogging. Go me!

Catch you on Monday with all the fun details.

Have a gorgeous weekend.

Song of the day: Crowded House “Elephants”

6 thoughts on “Sweet dreams, make waves, find bliss

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  1. Have fun and travel safely.

    A will normally accompany me to any concert I want to go to even if he isn’t particularly keen on the artist. We went to see Hozier on Friday night – he wasn’t that keen but actually landed up enjoying it quite a bit – but the guy sitting on the grass next to it must’ve hated every minute of it. He sat with his head in his hands in the whole time while his girlfriend was dancing away.

    The other day I asked him if he wanted to go to see Oprah and he said No thanks and then when I told him I was going to go anyway he said, OK, if I’m home I’ll take you and then pick up afterwards.

    Have the best weekend !!

    1. We had a lovely time. Not. Long. Enough. I’m glad A goes to concerts with you. DD and I are off to Pete Murray in a week or two – it’s a trek up the coast for just a few hours but he’s not complaining, bless him.

  2. My middle son asked me once what I’d imagined he’d do when he grew up. My answer was that I didn’t imagine any career in particular, I just dreamed that all of my boys would be happy. Didn’t matter what happy took the shape of. I like that better – sweet dreams, make waves and find bliss. That’s what I want for my boys.

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