Fantasies and fantastic seas

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DD popped over last night to finish tightening the bolts on the youngest’s bedroom trapeze.

She’s stoked.

Even my ex gave it the thumbs up.

He dropped over to my place when I wasn’t around and texted saying: “Swing set makes the youngest (and me) very cheerful. What a great thing to do for her. She is totally thrilled and it just made me laugh (in a good way).”

I replied: “I am mad. But you’re only a kid for such a short time.”

I’ve also laid squares of interlocking fake grass all over the floor. It’s quite something.

I’m not sure if it was meant as a thank-you gift, but the youngest bought me a necklace at a local school fair. She presented it to me last night, along with a sun-catcher she’d made.

Her dad had given her $15 to spend at the fair and she blew $10 of it on her mum. I was very touched.

She also thrust a poem she’d written at school into my hands.

It was lovely. My nine-year-old old is smart as a whip, but not the most academic of kids.

Her brain works in the most fascinatingly different way to mine. She took one look at our how-to-chain-the-hammock-up dilemma and offered the perfect solution. I’d just been staring blankly at it, thinking it was a lost cause, but she knew exactly what to do.

She nailed her poetry assignment too.

Here it is …

The Sea

The sea is a huge elephant,

crashing on the steaming sand,

water sizzling in the hot sun.

It is a huge tongue,

licking up and down, in and out.

It is a rough rhino,

crashing down on the glimmering sand.

It is a raging horse,

galloping across the shimmering horizon.

The sea is a racing rocket,

zooming from the beach.

It is a whistling bird,

flying in the fresh air.

It is a rushing person,

tripping over the shimmering rocks.

Nice one, Pook!

Song of the day: Robbie Williams “Dream a little dream”




6 thoughts on “Fantasies and fantastic seas

  1. I love this! You are a great mum! I so wish I could do something like this for my girls but with twins sharing a small room the best we can do is a bunk that has a double on the bottom so they can sleep together xoxo

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